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  1. so as we all know marijuana is an amazing mental stimulant. but for some reason when im toking by myself all i get is the hungry happy sleepy stereotypical high. i have to be surrounded by smart friends who like to theorize before i can become truly majestic in my imagination and detach myself from my material self. i have a friend who whenever and under what ever circumstances always seems to have extremely profound thoughts and the world is completely different to him.
    so im wondering

    do any of you have any tips or tricks that i could use to help stimulate my mind while i'm soaring? i mean it sounds like a total noob question and I'm far from an herbal noob, but i figure it cant hurt to ask

    so any tips? stories? anything like that?
  2. [ame=""]YouTube - how-to-imagine-the-tenth-dimension[/ame]
  3. Some people are just more intelligent thinkers than others. Your friend might already be a profound type of thinker and weed stimulates him even more that way... I myself am a big thinker when I smoke, I don't like watching cartoons or dumb shit while I'm high. I love to learn, read, and explore new ideas. But that's how it is when I'm sober as well. For example a friend of mine is a really good artist. He gets high and can draw some amazing pieces of art. Should I expect to be able to draw as good as him just because I'm high?
  4. that video was ridiculous.

  5. while i agree with you completely, thats not what im getting at. just using him as an example i mean im not expecting to be able to do the kind of thinking he does. but id like to stimulate my mind when im alone. when im with people its easy i get really creative but alone im hungry, happy, sleepy and i enjoy watching funny movies. though that video was a serious trip last night after i took a few lung full's from my bong. as was the dancing colors make my world a better place lol
  6. holy fuck that video....
  7. You can stimulate your mind in many more ways than just learning.

    Wood working is very mentally stimulation. It is mentally stimulating because you are using your creativity to output your ideas into physical matter. For example, if you start carving a wooden pipe, you can use your creativity to engrave designs on it, or create a unique shape for it.

    Drawing and painting are also ways to stimulate the mind.

    Pretty much any hobby that interests you will stimulate your mind.

    If you like bongs... Draw out the blueprints and create your own home made pipe. etc.
  8. just think and let ur mind wonder about unanswered questions...
    then ponder the possible answers...
    now, dont limit ur possibilities...

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