mental interjection.

Discussion in 'General' started by namron_420s, Oct 14, 2003.

  1. this place is becoming more and more like a forum than a family.
  2. i just lost a reply that i had tried to type many times, paragraph after paragraph, deleted and retyped, i finally had it about right and then i lost it..
    it really sucks to be passionate and have strong opinions but not be able to say them, its not that im not allowed to, its not that i dont want to say shit, because i do, i just cant let myself go like that.

    this place isnt what it once was, the wind is gone from my grasscity sails, ive tried to force it, rekindle it, whatever..
    it just doesnt work for me, and time and time again, when that feeling might be coming back, it gets pissed on by something.

    i will always love the people here. there is no doubt a bond that i have with those of you that are close to me because of this place


    *rides off*

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  3. and i'm fading away too.

    the vibe has been getting shat on too much.
  4. Yes, I wasn't here long enough to get the family feel... but i'd love to see it go back to the way it was... that pic of the sunset reminds me when i saw the word "pot" in the clouds and a leaf right next to it... i was cracking up... it was incredibly obvious too.. wish i had a pic of it.
  5. The Question is is how do we get this feeling back?
  6. Its a good place...I haven't been around too long, but it seems like it kinda depends on the thread and the mood(s) of the particpants....anyway, my family can be pretty moody too, so it is a virtual family of sorts....

    I plan to stick around...

  7. I think what is wrong with this place is how all of the sudden everyone is dwelling on the negative aspects. If we use our energy to make this place good, instead of giving up, we will all enjoy ourselves much more. Those who are disappointed have no one to blame but themselves, think of some solutions instead of dancing around the problems.

  8. :)

    As said..I've never seen a family that gets along at all times and never has problems, ever..just so its known that the family still loves eachother after the fact...for a time you might not be able to feel the love, it may not be expressed as much, but its damn well still there.

    As gm said..turn the page, the story goes on, :)
  9. im relatively new here and i plan on not really in any condition to say alot...i odnt evne know what to say right stayin! WOO!

  10. It sure fucking is. Plenty of love for everyone...I can still feel it.[​IMG]

  11. yeah, ganja mom is the mom, I'am the baby, and obliv is the whore!

    And Digit is the Godfather, and I dont know why....

    :: squints ::
  12. everything is what you make of it..... personally i really dopn't think much has changedthough thats my opinion....
    does anyone have an idea of what had actually changed... cause i sure would like to know... idk??

    and i also totally agree with styez....excellent way of presenting it...:)

  13. thats what i started out my 'just because' thread, but, then i realized shit, and gave up...if im involved, it wont be heard.
  14. oh....and digit, you have been chosen.
  15. the spirit has changed
  16. LMAO @ dingusus pic. yeah things have changed, and things will continue to change. it is enevitable, there are really only two things anyone can do, stay and watch it and help it change, or leave. i for one am going to stick around and see what is instore for the city, it is a great place.

    dirty d, glad to see that you are back, i was wondering what happend to you.
  17. I think we definitaley need zonedude back...:(
  18. I think people need to remember why they became members here in the first place.... and then go from there... :)

    why cant i just lash out with my legitimate points and tear people a new one...

    i know one thing that would make me feel alot better about the place would be no more double standards....that just doesnt work for me.

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