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  1. Do you suffer from one? Do you know someone who does? What are your thoughts on mental illnesses in general?

    Lately I have personally been feeling like a sufferer of depression. I didn't really notice a clear trend up until this year. I haven't seen anyone to talk about it, but we will see. It's just constant dark cloud that lingers above me. Anyways... Just was curious as to what others have dealt with, or are dealing with..or just thoughts on it all in general.
  2. I suffer from Adhd, generalized anxiety disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder and social anxiety.. Some days are better then others lets just say that. but i find when i smoke a joint or drink a cup of coffee my adhd cools down so my mind isnt constantly going so the obsessive thoughs and worries disappear but the social anxiety is still there.. I guess yeah i could be depressed but i try to see the positive side of things and try not to feel sorry for myself and what i could have done better. Every day is a challenge but heres a good quote
    "Don't be discouraged. It's often the last key in the bunch that opens the lock"
  3. Similar to the guy above, or so I've been diagnosed/qualify as. I don't put much stock into "illnesses" and "disorders". Most of them are ways of thinking, defense mechanisms, conditioning and learned behaviors. The hardest thing for me to deal with is panic attacks.

    If you read about every different disorder, you'd probably qualify for a couple yourself. :p

    Most important thing to remember is these things aren't really disorders if they don't interfere in your life. Don't let them interfere and they're not disorders. I just have to try harder to do some things that other people have an easy time doing... but I have an easy time doing a lot of shit other people think is hard, so it all evens out.
  4. Thanks for responding guys. Well ive always had a feeling of utter loneliness, yes I know it's the human condition. It just seems that I have a very difficult time trusting people. I've been hurt by so many people in my life that I now barely care about having relationships. I feel good when I'm alone, but at the sometime long for so done who cares about me. My parents don't care about me, and I just honestly feel like .......worthless or something. Sorry for ranting....I know everyone deals with hardships. I do love life sometimes, but I just feel like I constantly getting mistreated and it has built of anger inside....depression. I'm not sure what mental illness I'd be classified under_and they are ambiguous anyways..... Just want to feel....happy....worry free.....and not so I secure.
  5. Long for someone *
  6. Ah, sorry for all the misspelt on an iPad........worst lol
  7. im pretty sure i have mental disorders my parents never told me about. which pisses me off cuz there dead now and i will never find out.

    I think i function fine, but i know im fucked. :eek:
  8. Mental disorders aren't things that you have from birth usually, unless it's brain damage or something. And there's tests they can do to find out if it's a real brain based condition. Anything else personality disorder wise, it's technically unethical to diagnose until you're an adult anyways.
  9. O got PTSD, depression and add, possibly schitzo from recent trips, b careful wit tht crazy shit specialy if ur 18-25
  10. I'm pretty sure im depressed as fuck. I am just sad all the time unless i'm high.
  11. My sister is mentally challenged, it enrages me when people make fun of the "Retards" who cant talk right or dont comprehend what we do. I've gotten in 2 fights because of kids making fun of my sister, kicked their fucking asses. Suspended from school for 10 days because of one of the fights.
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    "Oh, he defended his sister's honor, what a bad kid. Make an example out of him. Teach him that obscure rules and formalities are more important than family. Let's try and turn him into a drone, even though it's pretty obvious where his loyalties really lie. This punishment is bound to work!" Typical.

    Yeah, I hate schools. :p
  13. i had severe OCD growing up. until recently i didnt realize how severe and how much of my memory from that period was repressed. once my sister started talking about i started remembering stuff. im over it now and all but its weird to know i was considered neurotic and maybe even psychotic at such a young age. it was gone by the time i was 13 though.
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  15. I'm on the autistic spectrum AKA a name which totals a fuck tonne of mental disorders

    Social anxiety, socially inept, anxiety etc.
    I used to have an english teacher which called me 'Sheldon' from Big Bang theory, said that I was socially inept :p

    She was one hot, cool teacher though.

    I have a little ADHD, energy drinks help.

    My whole family has mental illness.
  16. I think mental illness is grossly misdiagnosed in this time and age, treatment procedures are bull shit, and the medicines that are supposed to cure it do more harm than good to ones body.

    Mental illness is not mental illness but personality trait. Humans have dealt with "mental illness" for thousands of years before zoloft, zyprexa, klonopin, wellebutrin, lithium...

    On the real though, I know some people might benefit from some of this new science but really..meh

  17. Did the kids get suspended?
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    I was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome when I was twelve. I guess that's a mental illness. I was forced to go into Special Ed and all that shit for years and I hated it. No offense to those kids but I didn't feel like I belonged there. When I was in the regular classes before being diagnosed, I almost always finished my work five or ten minutes before the other kids and I'd sit there reading a book or writing a story. Kids complained all the time about it. "Why do we have to work while he doesn't?" Because I got my work done... But yeah that was the reason they originally diagnosed me. Don't wanna disrupt the normies. Shit I need to stop rambling... Too sober, too early in the morning. :D

  19. The institution has wronged us both brotha.

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