Mental ignorant parents?

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    My dad is so ignorant. I have to write a persuasive essay. I chose my own topic of how weed is good for you and should be legal. Anyways my dad starts looking up marijuana study's Harvard and Yale and then he clicks on the website . So he reads it and says that's why I'm depressed because I used weed and how the only thing weed treats is cancer Because it helps the patients eat more and that's all. Here is the website Brain-damage risks higher for younger marijuana users, study says | Harvard Gazette

    I told him how the government lies to us and stuff then he says wtf do you think they are trying to hide from you?! Marijuana is bad everyone knows that! So what should I tell him? I try to show him YouTube videos about weed like the union and Joe rogan talking about weed but he thinks I'm retarded and I'm in my own world. So wtf should I do? He thinks just because Harvard is a good school and they say weed is bad there right. Help me out I'm so ruin pissed
  2. show him the union, and tell him if he says no hes a close minded ignorant bastard. :smoke:
  3. How about, don't preach to people and let them think what they want?
  4. Actually, habitually smoking marijuana at an early age will lead to brain-damage risks. I know a lot of people who have started smoking since they were 10-12 and are pretty fucking derp.
    Your dad does sound like an ignorant prick, and that's got to suck, but if you're living in his house then you need to obey his rules. Respect him. Don't stoop to his level.
  5. He won't watch the union. He thinks it's a bunch of dumb potheads with a conspiracy
  6. just let him be and hide it then. some people cant be helped. oh and I would advise against smoking untill 18+ cause I started at 13 and while it was worth it to me I did notice a dimming of intelligence. so he isnt wrong, anything that changes the chemistry of the brain has effects.
  7. Okay, first off please don't be one of those stoners at school who advocates weed legalization so much it's annoying.

    Now that that's out of the way:

    He is your father. If he does not like you smoking weed either:

    A) Quit or
    B) Do it outside of his home and behind his back until you are on your own.

    It is ideal to be in a situation where your love ones accept and respect everything you do, but some people's opinions can never be changed. Better to just let them be and do what you want. Just don't get caught ;)
  8. In this situation I think you should try your best to let it go and accept your fathers opinion but don't let it change you, don't get angry at it. An opinion, ultimatley, doesn't do any harm yo you in anyway. It should have no effect on yourself. Your dad isn't the only person with a close-minded, conditioned mental position on the subject. And it's not his fault, he believes what HE was told since near birth. How can he be blamed? It's hard for people to change their beliefs and ways of thinking when they have been so absolute and re-confirmed for so long. It is unfortunate the way cannabis is perceived in modern society due to the control of governments and corporations, but just know that you know this. That is all that matters. Someday the laws will change and people will realize when the walls of society crumble, but for now just "nod & wave" when people try to tell you things they have no knowledge of. It doesn't matter, and it's not worth any of your energy. You know the truth of marijuana, you see past the conditioned mind and belief systems that have been shoved in our faces since birth. YOU are at advantage for this. Just know, don't attack and defend.

  9. Show him the Union, im pretty sure theres that old professor/doctor guy is from Harvard
  10. For the love of god don't show him joe rogan... that guy is such a fucking chode
  11. Sorry to say, but I really doubt showing him the union will do shit. Your their son, they want the best for you. Just tell them that your old enough to make your own decisions and if he keeps bitching, get the fuck outta there.
  12. Showing someone The Union doesn't make them automatically love weed, people who are against marijuana see The Union the same way stoners see those Above the Influence commercials.

  13. Well the union is very subjective,
    its mainly for intertainment.

    Let your dad believes what he wants man.
    Chances are he really doesn't think so,
    your just probably underage and he doesn't want you smoke yet.
  14. Just try repeating the facts over and over my parents thought it was bullshit at first but after hearing it so many times they still aren't totally for it but open minded towards it but my mom said she tried it in high school and felt like she was gunna die wtf but my grandpa was a tennager in the 70's he smoked all the time with his cousins he approves of it he even handed down his ol peace pipe to me so just keep trying to get them to look up the facts over time maybe they will understand
  15. Are you the same person who's mom took a video of your dealer?
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    I think the best way to approach this is at the level he is attacking weed. Havard and Yale are undeniably good universities that publish good research, but I think he has read something that was probably worded as an opinion and not a fact. As what he says is NOT a factual scientific statement.

    Just to say I am quite experienced with academic research (though I hasten to add I am not an authority on Cannabis by any means except as a personal interest -maybe one day I will develop a professional interest). Also I present evidence NOT a medical opinion. People should always speak to their own physicians when deciding something that affects their health.

    Anyway firstly the debate about cannabis is highly political (it is however NOT a conspiracy but quite open, though anti cannabis groups do frequently lie or misrepresent evidence). The research still remains very inconclusive. Essentially anyone with an agenda can prove anything with current research.

    So where does the research stand? I'll start with evidence for negative effects. Generally cannabis is an astonishingly safe drug (one can not over dose and there are few implication to long term use).
    However there is some evidence that in a very small proportion of young people who are prone to schizophrenia, cannabis can increase the risk of the disease onset. Now this evidence is highly mixed. However the numbers who are so negatively affected are very very low and it is probably only young people (teenagers/20s) who smoke large amounts of cannabis frequently and have an existing risk of schizophrenic symptoms who are at risk. In those people it might be better not to smoke weed or smoke it only on an infrequent basis, until they are a bit older (the chances are, if you don't have schizophrenia already by 30, you will never get it). I highly recommend seeing this article by a Doctor/researcher in a UK national newspaper
    Ben Goldacre: Cannabis data comes to the crunch | Science | The Guardian

    However the debate is still much more complicated. An important paper in the British Journal of Psychiatry suggested it was the type of cannabis. Those with a high THC:CBD ratio (eg certain strong Sativas like Skunk) seemed to carry this risk but those with a low THC:CBD ratio (so have a relatively high amount of CBD) (eg Indica strains) MIGHT be PROTECTIVE against the increased schizophrenia risk, possibly caused by THC.

    Regarding the cancer risk of smoking to the lungs. Its equivalent to tobacco so just buy a vaporiser in the long run, and then there is no cancer risk at all.

    The medical benefits of cannabis are numerous, but they have only been proved categorically (beyond doubt) in a limited number of conditions (such as anti-nausea and weight gain). But trials are happening for many other conditions and the preliminary data looks promising (such as pain, insomnia, Tourettes). The USA is very hampered from doing clinical trials on cannabis due to overly stringent USA laws. Hence the reason we lack better evidence to its benefits is simply no enough trials have been conducted -also those trials performed is often with synthetic THC, which lacks the 50+ other canniboids present in smoked cannabis. But as data emerges (especially with total cannabis products), as its beginning to again, so we see more medical benefits for cannabis being considered. Clearly many Doctors support legalisation and medical use of cannabis (since the semi-decriminalisation in California that has become really obvious).

    Cannabis is certainly safer and probably more beneficial than alcohol and tobacco but it is still illegal due to a range of cultural and political reasons (I suspect sadly one will lose more elderly conservative votes than gain radical youth votes with its legalisation, but times are changing in our favour).
    Have a look at what David Nutt (a highly respected psychiatrist in the UK, he argued with government), this video is well balanced and professional (he is negative about Crack and heavy alcohol consumption but very positive about cannabis leaglisation)
    Video: Former government adviser David Nutt on the harm caused by alcohol and why he's not a drug 'legaliser' | Comment is free |

    (sorry for my long post)
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    Yea I still wanna know know what happened to that guy also
  18. So much irony in this thread
  19. Well guys. My dad just says that and are the truth because he says they have the best doctors and professors in the world. So idk how to tell him those websites are wrong?

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