Mental hospital stalker D:

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  1. So I have been in the psychiatric unit a few times. I have been struggling with borderline personality disorder and suicide since I was raped. Well, the last time I was in there a guy came up to me and called me a beautiful statuesque goddess. I told him to fuck off. He followed me around the unit for three days trying to kiss me and hold my hand while I repeatedly told him to fuck off.

    Well after I got out of the hospital I fpund out he wrote the name down on my hospital id bracelet and looked me up on facebook. He told me he loves me so I blocked him.

    Then he looked up my last name in the phone book and called every single one of my realatives trying to find me. My aunts and grandmother got the strangest calls from this guy. Finally he told my mom I'm his girlfriend and he needed my number. She fucking gave it to him.

    So he keeps calling and txting me and I'm so terrified he is going to find out where I live. I almost beat the fuck out of my mom for dping that but she didn't know.

    I'm not trying to get the cops involved but fuck he is creepy!
  2. Uhhhh get the cops involved. Dude sounds deranged and it sounds like he has no problem going to great lengths to find/contact you.
  3. [quote name='"livinlifebro"']thats what you get for being in a mental hospital[/quote]

    Actually no it's fucking not.
  4. If I were you, I'd look into the legality of owning and carrying tasers in your state.
  5. [ame=]Original: Penn & Teller You Need To Shut The Fuck Up ! (HQ) - YouTube[/ame]
  6. Call the cops and talk to the hospital where you met this guy. They take this very seriously.

  7. Legal in PA except in Philly
  8. I've got some pepper spray and I live with my boyfriend but he lives in pittsburgh and I live in a different county so the cops wont do anything unless he actually threatens me. And thanks guys its not my fault I was in a mental hospital I needed help and I checked myself in. Nothing to be ashamed of. Lots of ppl have mental illness.
  9. [quote name='"Ean"']

    Call the cops and talk to the hospital where you met this guy. They take this very seriously.[/quote]

    I will call the hospital if he tries to contact me thanks that's a good idea
  10. you should call the cops and tell them this guy is stalking you, honestly him contacting your family thats messed, get a restraining order against him, and go get bear mace way stronger
  11. I work in a mental hospital

    Is he still there? I would contact hospital security and tell them what's going on and revoke his phone privileges
  12. Should have stuck to the padded room...No one really bothers you in there with all of the lovely pillows.

    Pepper spray? What are ya tryin' to do, scare him a bit? Get some voltage, enough to drop a cow, that'll show 'em.:cool:
  13. [quote name='"420dopeaf"']Kill him.[/quote]

    I ain't that crazy haha

    And he is currently out of the hospital.

    I've never been in tje padded room but I did have to get a shot in the ass lol
  14. all my friends who were ever in psychiatric care told me it was soooooo against the rules to share personal information. now i know why lol. call some guy friends up to rough him up if you're about that life, otherwise just call the police, way easier and safer
  15. ^ kinda funny, to the person that said "that's what you get for being there" not cool man, she wanted to help herself shit like that isn't funny especially under the circumstances why!

    OP id rather have a stalker then this fucking chin zit that fucking hurts:p:cool:

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