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mental health

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by monsterhill, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. I suffer from depression and anxiety i have done for a long time. Here in the uk the docs just hand out anti depressants which are full of un natrual stuff. I have been thinking of taking marijuana for depression has anyone else taken marijuana for depression and if so how did you find it?. The one main problem i have is finding marijuana to even attempt to try and help my depression becuase of the laws here so iv taken it upon myself to try and grow my own. I just do not know what i am going to do for 7 weeks to keep me from bouncing off of the walls waiting for this stuff to grow lol.
  2. i have panic attacks and anxiety from ptsd so but when i smoke mj i find it helps me with them better than benzos tbh plus its not addictive like benzos or toxic

    but i live in a zero compassionate state

    some strains are better than others for my condition but i cant tell you which is which tbh

    hash is the best medicine for me but super rare and expensive plus the law here has no compassion on disabled people so i must go to where they have more compassion despite having no money because of serious health problems

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