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  1. How has cannabis effected your over all mental health?

    For me, I'm diagnosed with major depressive disorder and generalized anxiety disorder with anorexia bulimia subtype.
    I've found that smoking medical marijuana really has changed my life profoundly and since I am new to the various sciences and strains associated with this new part of my life, I'm curious what your experiences with marijuana and mental health. Not only in yourself, but other people you may know on a deep level.

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  2. Like for my anorexia, I'm stoned and eating peanut m&ms like it's no big deal, where the thought of eating them would cause me so much anxiety I would need to walk to the gym to run off the extra calories. But instead, I'm here eating them like I was before all this mental shenanigans started taking place. Eating with like no guilt feels so amazing
    I might feel regret in the morning, but at least for tonight I can take care of my self so my muscles won't ache as much tomorrow for not getting enough calories the day before and the day before that. Idk...just needed an outlet to share in my little triumph

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  3. Well I started out using it as teenager at 15 to get high but, then stopped until I was 18.

    Then at 18 I begain using it for insomnia and depression and still do to this day. So yeah its improved my mental health I just started out way too young. I wouldn't say it help me back in any way though I graduated high school just fine.

    Since I already had depression I was just self medicating at that point. It works though can't knock it. Sometimes I take tolerance breaks just make sure my reality is in check.

    Some days are harder than others some days I complain and hate the world and other days I just sit back and laugh. I ask a lotta people for advice as well I attempt to connect with others on some days. I like think I make others feel more useful by my idiocy at times.

    I'm still in a bit of a rough patch but I'm getting a little better each day. I'm losing weight. Trying to find work. Going to collage. Trying to get enough money to get the fuck outta my parents house. Trying to find my place in the world ya know the usual. I find cannabis helps me make it so others don't to feel pitty for me and it steps out of wollowing in my own sarrow. I fight it everyday cannabis is just a tool the real healing comes from the power within.
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  4. Cannabis is considered a good medicine for mental illnesses as it is best predictor of violent behavior.
  5. Diagnosed with depression and post traumatic stress, this was almost thirteen years ago..

    My mental health has 360'd due to cannabis, toward the better
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  6. Diagnosed bipolar 2 ,ptsd , anxiety they kinda all go together. I've been getting high on something since the age of 8 ( thanks dad) the only time I,m not on something I'm either very manic which is heaven on earth ! or very depressed and lock away in a mental hospital for my own protection or yours. I never not been high and doing well on my own in 50+ years even on 8 different meds. it's all a matter of time before my demons are back .But Weed has at least given me a way to escape reality without down downside of many other less harmful option. The demons are still there but the thc has allow me to move to a more positive part of my brain well putting wall around those demons so I don't have to see them at least for that day.
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