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Mental Health Disorders

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by LilSpacey, Nov 9, 2014.

  1. What do you guys think of mental disorders such as: schizophrenia, depression, and being bi-polar.
    I have "schizophrenia" and I don't like taking meds but my parents make me. Do you think it's a myth? The whole "mental health" shit, or does it help to take medication.

  2. I was depressed and suicidal for a while, as well I had serious social anxiety issues. I was on the verge of commiting suicide, and then I finally went to see a psychologist. He reccomended that I take anti depressants, but I refused. I stopped seeing the psych cause I found him to be of no help. Instead I started doing a lot of self reflection, and now I am living happy and mostly stress free.
    Of course Mary Jane helped with the whole "self analysis" thing too  :smoke:  :smoke:
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    I don't know how that applies to schizophrenia, but that's just to show you that they aren't always right about the meds. 
  4. The best treatment you can get with any mental illness is by talking to a clinical psychologist regularly.
  5. Good for you man!, I did the same!

    After overdosing 3x from prescribed medications I decided to more, refused to take them (at 17, caused me to get kicked out). 

    Self reflection, some meditation, and some marijuana, all you need. 

    Some people it helps, a lot of people it harms. (Pharmaceuticals)
  6. It's so underrated how harmful these over the counter medications can be. And then of course you have all those idiots going around saying marijuana is bad. I mean honestly wheres the logic in that?? :confused_2:  :confused_2:
  7. Take your medication and don't overdo your marijuana consumption. Schizophrenia and depression are in entirely different ballparks and shouldn't be compared as others have done here.
    For real man?
  9. Im bipolar and this shit evens me out.... sometimes I laugh, sometimes cry but Mary helps take all the bullshit away and helps me focus and have a clear mind. Mary has been the best therapist I have ever had (coming from 5+years of "real" therapy and drugs and 3 hospitalizations). I'm now a store manager at a industrial supply company and nominated for a corporate leadership program because of my excellent sales numbers (WTF???). I used to blow chunks every morning before work because of anxiety...
  10. Yes, forreal, man. Depression doesn't distort your perception of reality in the way that schizophrenia does. You can't just some weed and make schizophrenia go away. In fact, it's likely to exacerbate the problem. Depression comes and goes but schizophrenia is there for life. Seriously- entirely different ballparks.
    I mean the fact that I already mentioned that I don't think my story can apply to his case. Do you not read the post before you reply?
  12. no, they arent a myth, and you should probably take your meds 
  13. I wasn't trying to reply to you specifically. Your post started additional posts that could be misconstrued into endorsing not taking medication, and I had a differing opinion. Jeez, I take back my statement on distorting reality.
  14. I think weed can fuck up schizophrenia. I don't remember where I read it but I wouldn't doubt it
  15. ^That article actually states overdose deaths are up across the board in all US States, just that the medical states' opioid overdoses have incresed less compared to non-medical states.

    As far as the OP's question, since schizophrenia is extremely different from the more standard panic diorder, generalized anxiety disorder, clinical depression, etc that a lot of people deal with, I would highly recommend taking your anti-psychotics for your schizo and to keep taking mood stabilizers for your bipolar.

    These medications have a rebound withdrawal when discontinued which can make you end up in a mental institution or a jail, so take them as directed by your clinical psychologist (talk therapist) and psychiatrist (MD that can script meds).
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    I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, and it is a terrible thing that nobody should have.
  17. I have schizo-effective disorder. its  like schizophrenia, and bi polar got together, and created a horrible baby.  for years I was prescribed the wrong meds, or I just didn't take them. I did go through therapy, and behavioral therapies, to learn how to semi function on my own. but now I have found a combo of mental meds, and  cannabis, that help me get through the day better then I can ever remember. 
  18. Fello schizo-effective. Meds help when your fully psychotic. Other than that I don't take them. Some people have to remain on them full time for the rest of their lives. I believe if you don't let yourself fall completely into psychosis you may be able to manage off them but I'm no doc. Also weed brings out my psychosis every time I smoke and I stick to mids for the most part. Go easy with the mary. Mary also weakens your meds.

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  19. I can't speak for everyones experiences but my cousin was diagnosed with schizophrenia after we had to get him checked out. (He carved a smiley face in his arm). He spent 2 weeks locked up and once he got out he asked if I would smoke him up. I was much younger and didn't even think to ask about the medication he was on.
    We went to smoke up on the hill near my childhood home. Well there were about five of us up there only four of us smoking. 10 joints later we get up to go. My cousin is still laying down and says "Just leave me here" All none shallot. Then he went on about how he didn't matter and got super depressed. He told us the next day that he was put on some meds and was told specifically that smoking cannabis could interfere with his meds. I've never been more scared in my life when I saw what I allowed to happen. Ended up taking care of him intill he passed out in my bed. 
    He decided to experiment quite a few times against his brothers and myself advice.  Each time he did his condition would deteriorate. He eventually decided it was best that he just went without. It was a long and difficult choice since I don't think he has a single friend who didn't smoke. He smoked a lot in his teens intill his condition surfaced. It unfortunately runs in his family on his mothers side. (His brother is terrified it might come out in himself. His mother and brother tend to push that subject on him)
    He seems to be doing a lot better now and seems content now. He's allowed to have a beer or two with his meds so that seems to keep him content. 
    I wish you luck on your journey and hope you find whats right for you. 

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