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mental breakdown after bong rip

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MrJohnMarston, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. So I was hanging out with some friends, takin bong rips n whatnot, one of my somewhat newly stoner friends decides he might want to rip a .5g bowl. keep in mind he's only been hitting bongs regularly for a month or two. so he goes to snap it, takes almost all of it in and starts hacking like none other. he coughs for a while and starts shaking, super nervous and anxious, and decides to pass out before going home.

    at the time we thought he'd be fine but i havent seen him in almost two weeks and have only heard he's quit smoking and is going to counseling for anxiety problems since. Any other people seen this/experienced this? or can shed any light on the situation
  2. Bit too much off the sammich. Couldn't chew it all, but he'll be back. Mary is too enticing too leave behind.
  3. Sounds like he might of had these problems before smoking.
  4. 1) Was your friend on any other medication?
    2) Does he have a history of psychosis or schizophrenia?

    Though it has not been proven that marijuana usage can in fact cause schizophrenia and mental health disorders, it has been shown in some patients to amplify the effects of schizophrenia and even some psychoactive drugs.
  5. he sounds like a serious pussy
  6. mary jane is what you make of her... he chose to make her a danger, i choose to make it a wonderful pleasure :) :smoke:
  7. probably just ripped too hard and pulled a whitey. then he just got psyched out thats all.

    4:20 from the ATL :)
  8. he must have had some underlying anxiety issues that the herb may have made his anxiety is playing on that one night and feeling...
  9. That weed must have been laced...

  10. dude no just no... its being used to treat schizophrenia it may make a paranoid schizo more paranoid but everyone knows pot can make you paranoid sounds like the kid just cant handle his shit and has preexisting problems
  11. Ive had those nights where i get a huge hit and kinda freak out, but its no big deal.. He needs to smoke a bowl or two, get a calm high and chill out.
  12. #12 Hi_My_Name_Is, Aug 14, 2011
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    Anything that causes even a slight separation from reality (I mean that's my favorite part :] ) can increase the effects of psychosis ESPECIALLY if the person is on other drugs to combat such disorders. Trust me, an antidepressant crossfade is a baaad baad trip. Either way, too bad for this guy, he's missing out on one of the wonders of the world :D

  13. haha yeah

    classic whitey from an idiot who probably wasn't too sure about smoking before hand and is now 100% sure weed is the spawn of satan

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