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Mental advice?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Gimme Half, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. Hey GC :]

    Been doing a lot of thinking lately. A LOT. Yeah, it's been like that for me for a few months. Too many thoughts and too many excuses for myself.

    I used to think I could consider myself "seasoned" but I just can't. I came to the conclusion that I am not as seasoned as I think I am.

    There is more than this just reason why I don't think I'm "seasoned". But there is one issue I am seeking advice for.

    I've been toking buds for years straight now without much of a break. Now I'm in college and I'm looking to get my work done and start doing what I should be doing. Sadly, I never thought years ago I would say this.. but i'm finding my smoking habit (which is smoking everyday, high till I wake up till I sleep) is now hindering my chances of doing something that will help my future. Such as studying certain things. I just need to be able to start doing my school work and being motivated.

    Is it all it my head? Well obviously it is, but is it not the weed? Is it just me? I don't have the answers anymore. I used too..I thought.. Now I find myself doing nothing everyday, unmotivated, starving, and bored. I am feeling down and I think my marijuana consumption is a part of the issue... I never thought i'd be that guy to post this on here..

    Can I hear some feedback? How many of y'all quit for a few months to get your shit together and work on track? Did you gain back motivation? Did you just become a social smoker? What changes in your smoking pattern did you put into affect when you realized something wasn't working with it?

    Thanks to all who take this seriously. Be g00d everyone
  2. Just part of the stoner experience man. Everything in moderation. It is probably a good idea to take a break. Everyone has to eventually. Weed isn't going anywhere so it will be here when you're ready to comeback.
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  3. I find that if I really think about it I can be extremely motivated when high but if you feel your stuff will work out better with a t break then take one.

    Then when you smoke again you'll get extra fried.
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    It is the weed. Weed is good for certain things, bad for others. I used to smoke while working but I noticed that the quality of my work would suffer when high because I was mostly trying to enjoy the high and wasn't very focused. I stopped smoking while working and noticed a big change as I was more focused on the work and not the high. Yesterday I smoked at work for the first time in weeks. I didn't notice a big drop off in the quality of my work, though because I was soley focused on my work. Eventually, you've gotta ask yourself the question: what's the use of smoking at certain times if you aren't going to be able to fully enjoy it and will be tied up in other things. I've cut back from smoking all day everyday to about two bowls a day and taking a few breaks off between days. I really didn't do this for work, but it has helped my overall life out as I'm still getting high, infact, I feel like I'm getting way higher and for longer as my tolerance is lower. I'm also saving a lot of money and have time to focus on things that don't go well with weed as well as lower my tolerance during those times.

    As for you, I think it has somewhat to do with the weed, but it also has to do with you. When you smoke weed, at least for me, you just want to have fun and space out. You should try and see if you can focus more on the work while high and not so much on having fun while high and doing your work. If you find that you can't do this, just cut your comsumption and only smoke when you have time to enjoy it.

    Your problem seems to be your consumption and focus.
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    Yeah sometimes you just gotta get high on life.
    Keep moving on, you sound like a mature person who knows whats best for him/her.

    [ame=]Tom Petty - Last Dance With Mary Jane with lyrics - YouTube[/ame]
    or just,
    charlie sheen WINNING!
  6. I think you should just cut back, smoke only once or twice a day. It can be hard to get things done if your always in a stoney haze. And if you can't easily limit your daily usage, you may have a problem.
  7. Thank you all for your feedback, I have read everything everyone has posted and taking it all into consideration. I'm going to take the advice and attempt to cut back for a few weeks. Like some of you said if I can't cut back then I have an issue. So here we go starting today I'm going to give this a go. I'm sure I have the will-power. Once again thanks all, I appreciate every single post! :D
  8. Good luck man.
  9. I felt the exact same way around this time a year ago. I smoked everyday (mostly 5-7 times a day if not more), never went to class, was never motivated, and basically just sat on my ass and let my brain rot for a while.

    I found that when you are smoking all day, everyday, that you only want to do is - smoke all day, everyday. I was unmotivated to do anything but smoke and play my guitar. I wasn't depressed, but I definitely felt down often and my confidence level was also down because I never did anything except sit in my apartment and get stoned. Obviously you can't feel good about yourself when you do this because you're not doing anything that causes you to feel accomplished.

    My advice is the same as others - take a break, dude.

    Although I wanted to slow down, I was forced to once I was charged w/ possession and had to submit monthly drug tests. But, it helped me get over my "addiction" to pot.

    Now, I've got a job and I have a 3.54 GPA as an accounting major. While I still smoke almost everyday, it's not my priority, and this is my advice: you just need to get yourself to where things that actually matter (school, work, relationships) take preference over smoking, and you'll be ok.

    Sorry about the length, and good luck!
  10. You're bored (assuming you don't use it to escape). Find other hobbies and things that entertain you like weed does. Then keep yourself occupied with said work, after a few days you'll forget what being high is. And it'll stay like that...aslong as you don't get too bored.

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