Menstrual Cups

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  1. Okay, I'm gunna start this off by saying that this is a topic that most guys will probably want to avoid... If talking about periods makes you uncomfortable, go elsewhere, this topic is not for you. You have been warned!
    So, people with vaginas, my gf recently got a Diva Cup which is the most popular of a number of brands of the menstrual cup. She's been raving about it so I think I may get one in the future, at which point I can tell you guys my experience. For those who don't know what this is, it's exactly what it sounds like - a cup that you stick up there (much like a tampon) and it collects menstrual fluid.
    There are a few pros to this:
    Cost - on average, people who get periods will spend hundreds of dollars each year on pads and tampons. Menstrual cups cost between 30-50 dollars, but can be used and reused for up to a decade! That's thousands of dollars saved with one cup!
    Waste - each menstruating person will throw out about 300lbs of period-related waste in their lifetime, in the grand scheme of things with everything else we throw out it isn't a big deal, but it's always good to reduce our waste. These are easier to wash than cloth pads, and we all know how bad disposable pads and tampons can smell.
    Health - tampons and pads are filled with chemials that really shouldn't be in contact with the delicate membranes that make up the vulva. These products can cause rashes and other fun things. Tampons also absorb the good fluids and microorganisms that help to maintain the vagina's proper pH and dry out the vagina.
    Of course there are cons too
    The Ick factor - you have to get all up in your business to insert and take out the cup, and it can get messy. You also have to dump out a cup of your own blood. IMO it's not as gross as pads, but a bit grosser than tampons.
    Cleaning - you have to rinse it after you use it, which can be problematic for use in public bathrooms. Although, because it keeps the blood out of contact with your vagina there is no risk of TSS (unlike tampons) so you can keep it in for 12 hours or more so by then you can get somewhere that you can wash it properly. After your cycle is done, you boil it to sterilize.
    TL;DR Menstrual cups are environmentally friendly, nice on your wallet, etc. etc. Ever tried one? Thoughts?

  2. I'm actually very surprised more women don't use these and I'm rather appalled that some are disgusted by them. They make way more sense to me than the alternatives and are way less icky too. Also are less obtrusive in my opinion.
  3. Seems messy :confused:
  4. Not really any more messy than a pad or tampon. Pads are nasty - the squish around in your underwear when you move around and I always swear I can smell them. Both pads and tampons you still have to take out and (if you value your plumbing) wrap up in a bunch of TP and toss it out. Plus tampon strings tend to get soaked in pee if you don't change your tampon every time you go to the bathroom.
  5. I know, i always thought the same things you mentioned about pads. I can always smell a chick who has pads, we all can. :(

    Tampons seem to be the thing for most women unless theyre sensitive.

    I never heard of the cups til now tbh
  6. Part of the reason I decided to make a thread about them :)
  7. Idk, it seems a little more messy than a pad or tampon. I don't have to have my hands all up in my bloody vag.
  8. The benefits far out weigh any messiness. Tampons are bleached and cause micro abrasions that can lead to infections. Pads are basically mini diapers and are pretty antiquated not too mention very messy. And both create soo much nasty trash.

    As for having to "get your hands all up in a bloody vag", that's a terrible exaggeration as to how its implemented. If anything the messiness that makes people shy away from this topic is greatly lessened by this simple device.

    But really too each their own, if anyone likes cotton shoved up there or basically a diaper on ya then go for it.
  9. My gf tells me that once you get the hang of it, it's no messier than a tampon without an applicator (Ob tampons) or even with an applicator if it's not high enough and you have to poke it up a little further with your finger.
  10. So glad I'm not a woman
  11. Periods really aren't that great :(
  12. Yeah, I don't like it. I also don't use tampons without applicators for the same reason.

    I'm going to stick with the organic cotton tampons.

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  13. ugh i heard of them, it seems like it would hurt. i think ill stick to tamps yo. 
  14. It can hurt a bit to insert/remove at first, but you get the technique down. My girl says once it's in properly you literally cannot feel it at all. I've always thought people who say you can't feel tampons are full of shit cause I can always feel them.
    I remember my first few periods trying to use tampons hurt so fucking much!
    At least you're using organic cotton! Much better for your vaginal health.
  15. My girlfriend uses those things. It's business as usual when she has the monthly cycle but I just have to take it easy so to speak
  16. Do you have sex with it in? How's that?
  17. Sooooo glad my girl got an IUD.

    So is she! No more periods!
  18. Bet she still gets bitchy around the same time though huh...
  19. Honestly, she's never been the bitchy type. Just a little emotional. I really lucked out with this one.

    The only I can tell its "that time" is she'll smoke a little more weed and she goes on a mad baking spree for like 2-3 days... I can deal with emotional all day if she's making cookies.

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