Men's Rights

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  1. Come together Fellow males! Together we can overpower these unreasonable feminists! The time has come, true equality for men!

    No more unfair divorce settlements!

    You can hit us but we can't hit back? Think twice, hoe!

    You can check guys out but we can't look at other lady's? Don't think so!

    My $300 birthday present for you wasn't good enough? Fuck off, bitch!

    No longer shall we suffer! Lets fight for mens rights!
  2. there's gender inequality in society on both sides
  3. Hell yes I'm on board
  4. As long as women have the pussy we're screwed, Man.
  5. Yea!!

    End women suffrage now!!!!

  6. Technically, there is no law stating that men can't hit women, assault/battery is not gender specific. I'm not saying men should beat women, just pointing out the fact that their is no gender inequalities when it comes to this. Plus, if a woman did beat up a dude, hes definitely not going to make it publicly known.
    Divorce is messy, but if the woman receives custody of the kids she can take the house, cars, money, basically anything "the kids require".
  7. Cops definitely take the female's side 95% of the time. It's not a law, but it's what's expected in our society.

    Take it from someone who got hit multiple times in the face by a female leaving marks and bruises only to get arrested for breaking a chair afterwards. :rolleyes:
  8. How's about YOU be the primary bread-winner biotch!
  9. You silly men. Vaginas always win. Nice try though!
  10. If you upload a picture of yourself with your cleavage and titties obviously busting out, us men have a right to comment on how nice said cleavage is. That's it. THAT'S ALL I'M SAYING. AND DON'T GET MAD AT ME FOR STARING EITHER!
  11. Men do report abuse by their spouses and get laughed at in court. Women report it and instantly win the case. Woman hits a man and no one cares. Man hits woman, the police take him away.

    And what about sexual harassment?

    There are definitely inequalities within our society against both sexes.
  12. And you know it first hand?

    Because my sister was arrested for assault after she defended herself against her drunk boyfriend.

    And 3 times my other sister reported her domestic abuse and they did nothing but issue a fucking PFA.
  13. My testosterone flows so hard I want to squeeze your got damn face ahhh love this shit
  14. I definitely know it first hand. I even made a thread about it a few years ago.

    Hell, my psych professor (female) noticed it and did a lesson on it. We watched this video in class.

    [ame=]Reaction To Women Abusing Men In Public - YouTube[/ame]
  15. uaha hah i didnt even take thw time toooo read this is so jacked hajajahha
  16. I guess it's different where I live. If a girl hits a dude, she's going to get hit back.

    Then if she reports it, the cop will say "he's going to press charges too, unless you don't pursue him"... usually the charges are just dropped.

  17. Damn girly come to Idaho. Men are still men here far as i know. Fuck we even hold the door for each other!
  18. It is quite a well known phenomenon. There are support groups for men who are abused by women and don't get legal support. I don't have any legal anecdotes, but I had a friend who was punched in the face by a girl (bleeding face) and everyone ran to the girls rescue because he hit her with his backpack in self defense. (Btw, this girl was athletic and stronger than all of the boys there.) She even took him to court over it, but of course, they threw it out since she fucked up his face.
  19. man I spent like a whole day watching those what would you do? episodes. crazy shit, but it occasionally restores a lil faith in humanity. I was proud of one where they did a thing with 2 gay couples and some kids with a waitress that would basically tell them they were unfit and wrong. texas did better than new york in amount of people that stepped up to the waitress and told her to get out.
  20. Well, that's why my sisters was thrown out.

    Her boyfriend punched her while she was trying to get out of the car, then he grabbed her by her hair and dragged her out. she wiggled free but was on the ground, so when he came to grab her again she kicked him in the face, then he kicked her in the stomach.

    Since he just pulled a few clumps of hair, left a nice red mark on her cheek and knocked the wind out of her they dropped the charges...

    She did break his nose good though, so I guess she got her revenge.

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