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  1. well i just self pierced both my left and right ears finely but i want my cartilage pierced i ask a few girls who are friends if cartilage piercing on my left ear would be gay and they said dont do it. idk i kind of like the style ill probably do it. 

  2. also should i do it myself/let someone do it (a friend has a piercing gun)
  3. all depends on you man. if YOU like it, then by all means go and do it
  4. I have both my ears 1/2. Dont do cart. please just dont.
  5. A piercing cannot be gay.
    Don't use a piercing gun for any piercings, absolutely awful machines. Go to a real piercer and not an idiot.
    Why are piercing guns awful?  Even for simple lobe piercings?
    They induce unnecessary trauma to the skin, are more difficult to heal, and aren't even sterilized. It's really much less painful and way safer to have an actual piercer do it with the correct needle.
  8. I guess that makes sense.  Not much of a big deal for me.  Only have my lobes pierced.
  9. I have little bit of knowledge about tearing your clothes owing to bad detergent for using to make your clothe strengthness decrease.Men piercing to spliting your clothe!fashion designers
  10. You don't magically turn homosexual if you get a certain piercing, if you think you can pull it off by all means get it.
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  11. Also always get piercings/tattoo's professionally done, way safer, and more than likely will do a better job. Good luck bud!
  12. Yeah, get it professionally done.
    If you don't, for the love of everything that is good in this world, DO NOT use ice to numb your ear. It makes the cartilage harder and you're just gonna bleed a lot.
  13. I don't think cart piercings look inherently bad on guys, right looks better than left though, especially with your lobes pierced.
  14. Never. Ever. Everrrr!! Use a piercing gun. It is soo easy for it to shatter your cartilage around the piercing and it will never feel normal again. It would be a bitch to sleep on that side and is not worth the risk. Piercing guns are just silly also. Your ear lobes are the only part of you that truly works with them yet there's dozens of types of piercings a needle can do. As for a guy with a cartilage piercing, go for. All the guys I've seen with it can pull it off. If you hate it then you can take it out. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  15. Not a fan of male cartilage piercing but if you want it OP, go for it. I got 0s in both my ears so I can't say much...Hell I know dude who had 0 cartilage piercings, not my cup of tea, but different strokes for different folks. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  16. Hell yeah dude go for it. I love cartilage piercings on guys and girls.I'd get it professionally done if I were you though. Ever think of gauging your ears?
  17. I was gonna get piercings when I was younger, but I decided against it. My family would ridicule me for the rest of my life. But shit, do it if you want to man. Id say that a lot of girls will find it hot and a lot won't, but it will get old once you get older.

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  18. Do it, it's a piercing. You can take it out if you don't like it.

    Stay high,

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