Mens Basketball Olympics

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  1. I am watching the USAvs.Germany and I got to say, they look effortless out there. Germany has a guy out there that looks 5-5 and Nowitsky is not even trying.
  2. Didn't even know it was going on. Just looked at the box score. DAMN! haha Dwight Howard has 22 points. Are all the starters benched? Wouldnt want an injury in a meaningless game. knocks on wood.
  3. USA... I can't wait until we crush teams like this in the medal round
  4. USA 106 Germany 57

    So much for the Euro style of basketball being better. It's all about fundamentals.
  5. I find it funny, china just lost there game on purpose so they don't have to play USA in the rest of the finals. The only team that really challenge USA is going to be China or Spain, they are the automatic qualifiers.

  6. Don't forget Argentina. Manu Ginobli is pretty damn good and the leading scorer of the olympics.

    But like I said before the only team that can beat the USA is the USA.
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    China is no competition for us, whatsoever.

    Spain could pose some problems if they learned from their mistakes, and we underestimate them. But I don't see that happening.

    The only two teams that could be an issue are Lithuania and Argentina. But I am confident we can bring home the Gold.

    Next up: The Aussies. They are a good team.

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