Mendo Mulcher Vs. Space Case

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  1. Hey fellows i need your opinions. I need to get myself a grinder because breaking it up with my hands has gotten old.

    Okay, i have 2 in mind.

    Mendo Mulcher 2.25"



    SPACE CASE Titanium Grinder Sifter Magnetic 4 P


    I'm kind of leaning towards the Space Case because of the friction nylon ring, i think it would make a noticeable difference in effort and noise.

    Thoughts? Does the nylon ring help?
  2. ive never owned neither but seen alot of reviews for both items the mendo mulcher has alot more grinder teeth than space case and the mendo mulcher is made in usa.
  3. I've got a 2 pc space case and it's perfect I dunno about the other , looks ok but the space case will be better IMO. The ring keeps it smooth as. I have never cleaned it and it has never stuck or jammed once.
  4. Mendo mulcher... Just look at it... that thing could grind up pebbles...
  5. resurrecting this shit.

    Looking at either the large (3.5") titanium Space Case or large (3") Mendo Mulcher (4 pieces). The MM looks badass, and I've never seen one in person before. SC has the rep, but doesn't quite look like something that costs $100. Only $60 for the largest MM is legit....hmm. Currently have a $20 4 piece eBay "Chromium Crusher," and am mostly satisfied with it, but 12 teeth is just sad; that and it's only ~2.4"...thoughts from the owners of these products? Plenty of people to back Space Case. I've used one myself, but didn't think it was worth however much more it cost than the Sharp Stone (which I've used), other than to have the Space Case engravement...

    Opinions from owners and extensive users please, no hearsay...
  6. I am in the same boat right now, the problem is Dave from MM doesn't ever answer e-mails, and when he does he's an ass about it. I hear the quality is really top notch, but with no help from the owner, it's up to you.
  7. haha.. if you're biggest selling point is the "friction nylon ring" then save yourself some cash and get a Chromium Crusher.. mine has that ring.. its nice.. the teeth don't scrape against the metal
  8. I think the Mendo Mulcher has the ring now too, and the one I currently have has's great.

  9. The thing with Space Case is that they're of the few grinders that aren't aluminum
  10. True, titanium is going to be a hardier (and more expensive) material...I think that may be my birthday present to will sit pretty on my desk and never leave, while my knock off Chromium Crusher (which is a great grinder for $20 including shipping) sees the world.
  11. I had the same chromium crusher as you and recently bought a space case... The difference is noticeable, there are more teeth and you will immediately notice that the space case is remarkably light compared to a chromium crusher. Also, the piece with the screen is much deeper on the space case, which I like. When I ground up a lot of bud it would seem to pour out of the crusher. As far as grinding goes, it goes to the space case as well. With the CC I would have to shake it and real grind for a while before everything went through, with the space case it seems to just rip it apart with no problem, im guessing its the extra teeth.

    Sure its a little expensive... I bought mine for $80, med 4pc anodized, but to me it is worth it.

    Can't comment on the MM..
  12. Even my sharpstone has the nylon ring. Honestly, any decent grinder as long as it doesn't flake should work for atleast 3-4 yrs. My sharpstone has seen good use in the last 4 yrs, no issues at all.
  13. I agree, the feel of a spacecase compared to my sharpstone is definitely noticeable. It probably doesn't make too much of a difference, but you can feel how much smoother it cuts through the bud.
  14. I've had a sharp stone for over a year now and I only managed to break one tooth when I tried grinding 5 grams at one time. Grinds stems like butter but you do want to remove them though.
  15. [quote name='"PsychoTheRapist"']I've had a sharp stone for over a year now and I only managed to break one tooth when I tried grinding 5 grams at one time. Grinds stems like butter but you do want to remove them though.[/quote]

    ^^ my space case has a small scratch from a pebble I didnt notice from a bud trained along the ground.
  16. Never understood the need for these...maybe cause I smoke bowls and not joints?
  17. i'll say space case! mine is frankly awesome, rips up anything you put in it. easy to clean, light. generally awesome.

    as an extra, i'd get yourself a brush (like a make-up brush or something) and use that to brush out all the keif/powder that collects in the bottom, its alot better than the plastic thing that usually comes with it. also works for dusting/cleaning out the top of the grinder.
  18. +rep thanks for the solid input. Yeah, I constantly find myself smacking the side of the grinder to get the bud through the holes and having bud pour over when friends match....which is part of the reason why I want a bigger one. bowls and joints seem to have grown in size since I got that first grinder haha...

    I have friends that often pass up the grinder because they love breaking bud down with their fingers; some purist shit, you know? Sometimes I do that when I pick up some new bud and want to get a feel for it, but I love grinders. Ground bud makes bowls and joints burn extremely even, and they're kind of necessary when you have a vape (which I have). To each his or her own...
  19. Kief.Kief.Kief. :smoke:

    Assuming you buy one with a kief catch.
  20. Umm who needs kief when you have dank crystal nugs? Not like you producing, or even saving anything, just moving crystals from bud to a container...

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