Mendo Mulcher mini review & pictures

Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by ossger, May 8, 2011.

  1. Just got in a fresh mendo mulcher straight from the manufacturer. It shreds like nothin' you've seen before. It's tight...the pictures really are the only thing I can provide to do it justice.



  2. looks snazzy. that screen looks coarser than i would think they would provide, maybe it's just the flash making it look that way or something.
  3. Sort of looks like my Aerospaced
  4. i got the same one just a bigger model
  5. Yea I picked up the 2.25 I figured it'd be a little more pocketable
  6. BUMP (sorry!)
  7. Where'd you get it and how much?
  8. Seriously man just google it the I don't think I'm supposed to say but get it at free shipping and straight from the guy who makes them.

  9. I ordered from them Nov. 22, after reading a post that it's the manufacturer and a reliable site ('cause it looks like a 12 year old's myspace page, not a business). Well over a month later it still hasn't arrived. I've never had something take this long to ship from the U.S. to Canada. Usually things take about 2 weeks, 3 weeks max. I've sent emails to both their accounts several times over the past few weeks and got no reply. I basically just gave away $60 bucks to them. $60 that, as a student, really sucks to waste. I'll never buy from them again, if you can even say that I did this time... I'll never get scammed by them again.
  10. I would have beeen just a little suspicious ordering from here when I saw that the "UPCOMMING EVENT" is from August of 2008.
  11. That sucks. You could have gotten the small 4pc Space Case for that price.

    I'd try and contact him through his Ebay account. His seller name is roxndave and he is the owner and manufacturer of Mendo Mulcher. I wouldn't give up.

  12. As was I. But a lot of small businesses don't update their websites regularly. So I checked forums, figuring that peoples' past experiences buying from that site might give me more info. People on this forum and others say it's the manufacturers site and is trustworthy. I believed them, and so I placed my order.

  13. Thanks for the suggestion, but the email account tied to his PayPal account (which I tried because it's also tied to payment) is also tied to his ebay account. I'll try it anyways.
  14. [quote name='"MikeFranklet"']

    Thanks for the suggestion, but the email account tied to his PayPal account (which I tried because it's also tied to payment) is also tied to his ebay account. I'll try it anyways.[/quote]

    I ordered mine off eBay last Feb-Mar and I got it within 3-5 days. If I were you I'll send an email with the order numbers so they can see what's the problem then you should get your grinder in the mail within a week or so.
  15. Theres a phone number on that site, have you given that a shot?
  16. Site is legit. call a phone number or some deal
  17. Thanks for the suggestions, everyone! He responded to his ebay account after all. So for future reference, anyone who searches forums for info:
    1. and are both inactive. He won't reply to emails sent to them.
    2. Order from his ebay account, roxndave. He may still ship orders placed on but if things go wrong you're on your own.
  18. Umm... NO THANKS Ill spend my hard earned money on some Nutes or something WORTH my $50. some damn scrap piece of aluminum or whatever it is. Cmon guys were all smart americans (I think) its just weed, I dont need a fucking hubble space telescopic nasa bi-metal super duper shiny grinder. Im just fine with my $10 that looks just like that, with a better mesh screen and same size. Smokign weed isnt rocket science nor do we need rocket science technology. I straight use a hand carved chillum from my grandpas 78 year old black walnut tree that has been in his family for generations. How did grandpa grind his weed? with the best invention since man, the thumb and forefinger.

  19. You don't have to be an ass about it. Some of us like to spend extra on things so we only have to buy it once. Let's see how your $10 piece of junk holds up in a few years when it goes to shit and you have to fork out for a new one. And then again a few years later

    It's not a rocket science piece of tech, it's a grinder that operates on the same basic principle as yours, except it's better built, will operate more smoothly, and last longer than I live.

    P.S. That's really great about the chillum. Same idea really, we like things that are built to last, I may look into carving one, too -- though I think it might take a few tries to get right.
  20. Im sorry for rubbing the wrong way. Pardon me. But I was just saying DAMN could the guy go Green and used recycled products to lessen the costs and still be american made? $50 is steep to me because I HAVE had this same $10 grinder (unknown manufacturer or country of origin) for since I started smoking at 16, its made of decent steel type metal, doesnt corrode or flake, no rust or tarnish. Is three chambered and gives me great keif and a fine micron sifter.

    Im a firm believer in Good quality for cheap. We as a toking community need to stop gouging our own kind, not only on this level but for cannabis as a whole. Stop charging insane prices for soil mixes, Nutes, lights and such. We should all be coming together. Industry and business drive us further apart.

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