Men who buy sex commit more crimes, U.S. study finds

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  1. Why do people insist on quoting the Bible when trying to make a point? Tha Bible also condones slavery, genocide, and many other foul acts. Smoking pot should not be a moral choice. It should be a lifestyle choice, that's all. In fact, it's the Christians that have a big part in claiming that it is immoral to smoke it. You see? These are the same people that believe there is a big, scary diety in the sky ready to send them to a lake of fire at a moments notice. It's just ridiculous! Oh yeah, that "men who buy sex commit more crimes" is just to retarded for me to even waste my time debunking. Hahaha. Peace!
  2. Yeah, it makes sense that someone who pays for sex would think of women as a object and treat them badly. I feel sorry for them:( But those women in that business know what they were getting into before they became a prostitute. I think prostitution in Amsterdam and Poland is a safer environment for the prostitute than in the U.S. for the fact that it's legal and regulated.
  3. i think most women are forced into prostitution its not a choice. the only ones that do it willingly are the expensive ones that charlie sheen can afford. and amsterdam hoes. im definatly buying one if i ever go there.
  4. i guess if you are willing to fuck a nasty hooker, you would be willing to do other things of that nature
  5. men who smoke weed are commiting crimes.
    What's your point?
  6. Hey now, don't insult an entire religion just because some of the followers of it don't agree with you. I know plenty of Christians that smoke pot, including myself. You're no better than them when you say "those damn God humpers" than when they say "those damn pot heads".
  7. :laughing:

    That's really funny to me, it's not unexpected, but
    yeah...what a correlation, robbing banks and fucking
    hookers sounds about right.

  8. Prostitutes - The Original Gateway Drug?
  9. This study is discriminatory because there's people with mental and physical disabilities that use prostitutes for sexual relief. Making it illegal makes the girls feel like their service isn't for a good purpose. ;) :smoke:
  10. women who sell sex seems to be more slutty than the rest.

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