Men Shaving their Asses.

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  1. Now I know most of you men are opposed to this...
    I know this...but how many of you would do it? For your women?

    I'm sorry, I'm a girl, and I shave everything except my head to
    be smooth, soft, supple. I touch myself thinking wow how nice
    my skin feels, how smooth, how SEXY.

    Then I roll over, to the bf, who's hairy in every place but his dick.
    Now I ask him to shave, because one, the double standard is

    I wanna grab a smooth ass and smooth legs and rest my head on a
    smooth chest. The legs I can get past.
    But the hairy sweaty ass drives me nuts!

    Why is it so damn hard for men to (what I say) take care of themselves?
    Do you wanna touch my hairy ass during sex...I didn't think so.
    You can do this for your woman if she asked right? Is it seriously that bad?
    I highly highly doubt it if it was part of a daily or weekly routine.

    Come on boys....come on...

    It's a turn off.
    No I don't wanna woman...I wanna clean shaved sexy man...

    Do any girls agree?
  2. If I shave my ass hair, it's going to going to grow back 10x thicker and hairier.

    And quite frankly, that scares the shit outta me.
  3. I would if I could.

    Have you tried shaving back there? I have... and I find it very difficult.

    And dangerous too.
  4. ive had my gf shave my ass b4, but she likes it "au natural" as she likes to say. She eats good ass.
  5. I'd shave/wax it for him, but he's like "noooo"
    being a little bitch about it.
  6. I have so much hair on my body it would look very strange if I just shaved my ass.
  7. Potential lesbian.

  8. Tried, don't like it.
    Hahah I just want to not feel sweaty sticky hair.
    Is that too much to ask? When us women do so much
    to please you? Seriously!?
  9. A shaved man is not a manly man.
  10. Well who said a manly man is hairy and bushy?
    A real man can take the pain of waxing honestly.
  11. That would turn it into a fucking porcupine for about a week.

    No thanks.
  12. LOL @ your tags :laughing:

    A man:


    Not a man:

  13. I do admit to feeling a bit gay when I shave.

    That's why I haven't been able to ask my wife to shave for me.
  14. I actually have an ass toupe that I have to wear because my ass went bald and my g/f misses the ass-bush.
  15. Damn rep limitations, that's gold right there.
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    Lol at this thread.
    Hah and fuck no the Situation is not a man....
    for other reasons than shaving! And maybe the cat.

    I wanna throw up from that picture of Burt Reynolds.
    What a sad piece of hairy leather.
  17. No other girls in this thread?
  18. Men are meant to be hairy. Its a masculinity thing. But honestly if I had a committed girlfriend and that's what she wanted i'd have no problem with it.
  19. i'm a girl. i used to shave/wax/epilate/sugar everything obsessively. my bf and i pretty much both trim now. i'm lazy about shaving my legs, especially during the winter. it's a whole shitload of effort and slightly grown out hair feels a lot nicer than stubble, which lasts for 3 days when smoothness lasts for 1.

    i mean, i dunno, shaving goes both ways to me. so if your man doesn't shave and you want him to, stop shaving your pits and legs and vag and tell him that's how you feel. hell, you might decide you like it better being more natural... i do..
  20. ^^
    See, we've been together for over a year...
    I mean come on, I want sex, but the hairiness
    kills my sexual experiences.

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