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Men, Have You Put Your Hands On A Women In Anger?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by BudBrownies, May 29, 2013.

  1. How did it make you feel? During the assault and after? Do you regret taking it to that level? And If you're man enough to own up, where did you hit or hurt her?
  2. If she's trying to hit me I'll hold her arms. I would never hit someone that much smaller than me, and I would get involved if I ever saw a guy do it.
  3. It made me feel like that I didn't have a care in the world. I do not regret taking it to that level because my dealer has more of her. I first put her in a grinder and then I rolled her up and burned her. I am a horrible person!!! I love you Mary Jane!
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  4. I never have and i never will. But i have defended myself from women that want to lay thier hands on me in anger.
  5. Hell no. This thread is trolling. No "man" puts his hands on women. Low life scum justifies beating on women.

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  6. No, I've only gotten so angry to point where I simply stormed out and drove around for a few hours. 
  7. No and I don't think I would. But let me tell you this. My brother was once with a girl that hit him and punched him and she even onced choked herself and tried to blame it on him. Now this bitch was a straight stuck up cunt and id love nothing more than to pumble the shit out of her face. I hate her so much. One time me him and my friend were jamming. And in the middle of the session she comes out and looks all pissed for no reason and waves her finger at him to come here. When he didn't she comes over and gets in his face and starts sayin shit to him and pushses him down with the bass in hand. My friend left the room it was really weird so I get up and get between them. I was just a teenager at the time. But I know now if I was ever faced with that situation and I was my bro I would of kicked the everloving shit outta that cunt and not even thought twice about it. Sorry if you think that's wrong but I would take the upmost pleasure in it.

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    yes, just like most of OP's other threads this is mostly just trolling.
    i wasn't gonna reply but i just gotta ask, you ever have a chick REALLY try to hurt you? like not just that typical female "fighting", i mean like bitch came at you with a knife with full intention of killing you. cause if you have, you'd have a different opinion. there's always exceptions to the rule. no man should ever hit a woman for no reason or even just because he's mad, but if that bitch is coming at you trying to do some serious harm then i say swing away.
    i DO NOT condone the abuse of women, i advocate self-defense. there is no difference between a man trying to do you harm and a woman trying to do you harm. if you have to defend yourself then you should be able to do it regardless of the gender of your attacker.
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  9. My ex kicked me in the nuts and punched me in the face during an argument (wasn't the first time she had hit me, first time I let it go and did nothing back), this time I hit her back, I hit her in the shoulder and pushed her into a doorway, and then left before it got any worse. I've never hit, and never will hit, a woman first or out of anger. I can control myself better than that. I only hit if I'm hit first anyways.
  10. Damn right. Fuck that double standard. It only serves women when its convenient to them. If you got equal rights then ill equally slap you up side the head just like I would any man that came at me llol.
    But seriously id never hit a women out of anger. But some women. But never a women I've come to know/love/respect. Id never hit my gf mom and any of my girls that are friends. But shit if some bitch cop were to pull out some mace on me that hoe would be dead and in a sewer.

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    sad part is, even if you didn't defend yourself but instead called the police, they still would have wanted to arrest you and let her stay. the "poor, defenseless woman" always has the upper hand in domestic violence situations, all these gung-ho cops gotta show that they're the knight in shining armor that the general public believes them to be.
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    You probably sucked at it
  13. That's why I would never get married, lol anybody who has a relationship that bad or lets a woman drive them to that point is stupid 
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  14. shit even when it comes to other guys I don't swing unless swung on. (except in extenuating circumstances) 
    I believe all people should be treated like people whether they are a man or a woman; this whole "never ever hit a woman" slogan of half the male population is just nonsense, and merely perpetuates separatist ideologies.
    Doesn't matter who it is, if they stole from me; attacked me, or otherwise directly proved to me that they have no conception or morality nor any desire to remedy it then I don't believe they deserve to be treated like a normal, moral human being anymore. Not saying just because a girl stole from me i'm gonna seek her out and go assault her haha, but if thats what it comes down to, to get some sort of reciprocation, i have no issues with it; if you're gonna steal better be prepared to face the consequences i don't care who you are 
  15. What?

    You definitely do suck at life.
    Right, it's totally unfair, yet they preach "We want equal rights!", well you wanna be treated like a man? You can take a punch like a man too. I don't believe it's right, but god damn, they shouldn't get that kind of advantage to where they can hit us, degrade us, insult us, and do pretty much everything in their power to provoke us, but if we so much as lay a finger on them, we're in the wrong.
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  17. All the time. I usually feel pretty good about myself later because it's usually her idea. What can I say my lady has a some weird fetishes.

  18. shit, I smacked a couple bitches around in my time lmao.
  19. Never, and I never plan to. The worst I've had to do was physically restrain a drunk chick at this party who was trying to hit me. (She took something I said out of context, and the alcohol took her over >.>)

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