MEN - Are Most Women Unattractive Without Makeup?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by whiskey, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. Yay or ney.

    Are most women unattractive when they don't wear makeup?

    Just want to know opinions, based on another thread. :rolleyes:
  2. I think a lot of women look fine without makeup and some women over do it with their makeup.
  3. Do you think that it's part of 'daily maintence' to apply makeup, the same that men shave?

    [Keep in mind we shave our legs, underarms and in many cases other areas as well]
  4. Its the eye of the beholder.

    I like my girls with dark eye shadow, doesnt mean there not gorgeous without it.

    I dont like all that lipstick and blush crap thou,
    Id rather you go au naturel.
  5. Well I don't have a job or anything so currently I don't shave every day haha just when I'm going out. But yeah I think for most women those are probably daily things.
  6. i would say maybe about 65% are
    we get so used to seeing them with makeup that they look so different without it
  7. So my opinion [being a woman] is that it's ridiculous to expect women to put on makeup daily. I for one, only wear makeup when it's a special occassion, I go every day to work with a naked face.

    But everything else I do daily. So tell me, am I automatically ugly [I know you guys haven't seen me, I'm talking hypothetically] because I don't have makeup on today? Would you not even give me a second glance? [My hair is done, dressed nicely, just no makeup]
  8. whiskey, i was thinking about making a thread like this, but using myself as the example. i was going to take a picture of myself with a naked face, and then one with a full face of makeup, and see which guys thought was prettier.

    mind if i use your thread?

    if not, obviously it would be fine. :D
  9. Just because a women doesn't wear it doesn't mean her entire apearance is ruined, it really depends on what she looks like, and the peoples opinions
  10. Some woman need make-up to look good and some on the otherhand don't. I think it depends on each individual girl.
  11. Don't mind at all 5280.
  12. awesome. now all i need to do is convince myself to put some makeup on for once. hahah.
  13. If I'm attracted to a girl, I'm attracted to her. Makeup doesn't really sway me one way or another. That'd be like not being attracted to a girl for the clothes she wears. I guess if you're really shallow it matters, but eventually a relationship is supposed to evolve beyond getting horny by looking at one another.
  14. i dont think girls are uglier if they dont wear make up but most girs i know put make up on everyday and then they dont wear it one day and they look weird... but i dont think girls are ugly without make up and if im going out with you i could care less honestly
  15. I would say ney... Most women don't need makeup to look attractive. Sure some of the chicks who do doll their face all up might get a second glance but its under a misrepresentation of who they really are. A woman's natural beauty is better then anything artificial she can hide her face under.
  16. Actually for me if a girl told me she didn't wear makeup every day I'd probably be more inclined to like her.
  17. Naaah women a lot of women are beautiful without make up. It's just nature!

  18. That's how I feel it should be. I used to wear makeup all the time but then I bought a horse and started spending most of my time outside and let me tell you, running around in the dirt and shovelling shit is not condusive to looking beautiful 24/7. My lifestyle does not go well with spending time on my personal appearance outside of what I already do. That's wasted time to me, I would rather be outside, or actually doing something that I wasn't going to just wash off hours later.

    I'm confident enough in myself to not wear makup constantly now, however, I know when I put it on that I can look stunning.
  19. Sounds a lot like this girl I know... Shes fine as hell, but she doesn't always have makeup on. She also rides horses and such. Confidence is a very nice thing to find in a women, but not too much, and conceited types are the worst. :confused:
  20. I agree.

    It's hard to find makeup that goes with having a very active lifestyle, and the makeup that does [I mean, stays on] is VERY expensive, I'd rather have weed! ;)

    And I agree that over confidence is awful, and I imagine it must be tiring to be so full of yourself all the time.

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