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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by marathon1, Dec 10, 2010.

  1. I have a friend who is somewhat worried about marijuana's effects on memory. I've been smoking daily since October and have noticed a couple incidents in which I forget important things. i.e., I have a huge paper due in my history class, wake up in the morning and grab it out of the printer tray, set it down on the counter, get a drink and walk out the door and drive 35 minutes to my classes, I don't realize till I get there.

    Anyways, He was wondering if the effects marijuana has on memory soon dissipate after the user stops using.
  2. Were you in a rush? I forget things all the time when I rush myself, high or sober. I actually forget things more when I'm sober than high now.
  3. dude, i seriously forget everything i did in school the past week after ive smoked. then i go in and bomb my tests like a boss.
  4. yes I was in a rush, I have noticed some effects on memory even when sober.
  5. You'll probably get differing opinions here but for me (a daily smoker), it does affect short term memory. The good thing is it's usually just little things like where you where left your keys or sunglasses, not important things. And yes, it's temporary. When you quit for a while, your memory recovers.
  6. from self experience and im talking about myself only here i will say that cannabis most definitely effects my short term memory bada bing bada bang end of story.(<--period) :D
  7. the research done by the people on our side suggests that any effect on cognition or memory disappears after 30 days on abstaining.

    the research done by the people against our side suggests that smoking weed can make you mentally handicapped permanently.

    Personally, I don't find that my memory is so much worse as it is different. Its not that i don't remember things, its more like i space out about things. When i do take a break it does seem to return to normal, just haven't taken one long enough to know for sure.
  8. it does not have any effect on memory, unless he smokes way too much and gets spaced out.

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