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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Packman, Jul 19, 2005.

  1. The only common side effect that people puke everytime they take weed down a notch has been it's assault on memory.

    I don't know about you guys, but I haven't been able to tell any difference in memory when I've been high. I can remember every great time I got high. Watching Harold and Kumar 30 times with my friends, chilling out in my ski boat on a saturday, taking snaps out of my PURE. It's all as clear as every other memory I have. I've been so drunk I didn't remember pissing in my closet, but nothing with weed. Anyone else?
  2. I forget small things all the time when im high :smoke: mum said that i pissed in an ashtray when i was drunk but i can't remember a thing :(
  3. what was this post about?

    oh yeha memory. if im stoned and i put my lighter or something somwhere, i forget where i put it. or sometimes ill leave bags of weed out in my room over night because i forget about it.
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  4. i think almost every stoner forgets where they've put their lighter, its kinda like when you borrow a lighter from someone and then put it into your pocket without realising :p
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  5. i always forget where i leave everything, i was at work stoned and had a cart full of things to put back. i walked all around the store and then realized it was in the back
  6. It dosent so much as affect memory as slow it down for the duration of the high, thats why you can set your lighter down besied you and lose it for a couple minutes :). By the time its over everything has caught up and you remember everything perfectly :)
  7. lol i dont really forget anything, but i hate it when people do this:

    Friend: Remember that 1 time we got high and (enter thing u do everytime ur high)
    Me: Nah man i dont really remember that
    Friend:Oh man! you smoke so much you dont even remember
    Me: what? lol... your stupid

    I think its stupid when people talk about shit that happens like all the time, or at least a couple times... and they try to talk about one little peice of it and then get all stupid on u when u dont remember shit. eh, im high... ill edit this later
  8. No need, it all makes sense.
  9. I notice I misplace things and forget shit all the time when I'm high...but it all comes back to me when I'm sober. So I guess it's all good...Hehehe.
  10. I think thats a long-term effect of smoking ganja**... o_O i dunno
  11. i fucking hate when you call the pizza place and you cant remember your phone number, one time i gave em a fake one but the lady was like that cant be right (wrong area code) so i hung up:p
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  12. one time a had a "oral talk" in spanish for one of my classes. it was right after lunch and i was blazed and the person asked me in spanish who my sicence teachers name was and i stood there and had no fuckin idea i had completly for got her name. and even 10 mins of hard thinking no luck and after that class i still didnt remember.
  13. I have a rather large collection of tv shows that I like to watch while I'm high, and I swear about every other time I'm watching something and I realize that I've seen it before but up until that point had forgotten about it... does that make any sense? Like if someone were to ask me "How does this episode end?" before I watched it, I would say I didn't know. But as I'm watching it the memory of watching it before comes back.

    Also I often forget where I sat my lighter. The worst is when it's in my hand.
  14. I have to admit, my memory can be foggy at times.

    But then again i'm really weird, maybe that's just me.
  15. haha i've done that :D

  16. Thats just the side effect of one of the most addictive legal things, television, you think so little when you just sit there and watch tv, I forget if I see things all the time because there is nothing to remember unless Im doing something else.
  17. plenty times of memory loss......someone asked me to do something, twenty minutes later they asked me if i did it and i was like what was i supposed to do??? i have lost so many lighters in my days....i basically have really bad short term memory.....that really sucks because i forget my bag i will be looking at it and 5 minutes later i leave and forget it.
  18. I remember what happens.. but i forget what i thought about..
  19. Me three.

    The worst is when you put it down to empty the bowl and when you go to light up a fresh one you're like "FUCK! where did it go?"
    Then you spend the next twenty minutes, baked, crawling around every part of your room looking for it, to find it sitting right in the open!
  20. What's also nice is when you pack a fresh bowl, but forget about it. Then you're sitting there and you notice a nice fresh bowl in front of you and you get excited about something you did just 10 minutes ago.

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