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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by smokeitup421, May 6, 2007.

  1. sorry if this has been posted a thousand times, but i done a search and couldnt find the answers i was seeking so i decided to make my own thread.

    my circumstances are as follows: im 19 years old, been smoking for about 2-3 years and i have a pretty shitty memory. when people ask me questions about 2 days ago i cant even remember what they are talking about and have to lie or think of an answer to shut them up... and i find this really irritating as i have a job with alot of responsibilities and my memory is vital... im already at a point where i need to do something about it but quitting pot is really a last resort, i dont wanna quit because i enjoy it so much.

    so are there any medications or pills or anything that helps 'regenerate' your memory or helps with memory loss, and if i did go about quitting pot for a few months... would i some how be able to re - remember things that i thought i'd forgotten?

    i also smoke on a pretty regular basis, about every 2 days or so after work.... im not really worried about the cost of it or anything, just about the loss of memory thing.

    what do you suggest?
  2. I know you enjoy it, but try to use it as kind of as a gift to you. Try to just cut down see if that is any help.
  3. i'd suggest eating healthy if you arent all ready and excersising as much as possible
  4. Just take like a 10 day break and I guarantee you will feel more alert, and your memory wont be nearly as bad, then continue to smoke, but cut down a lot, and make it more of a "treat" than a hobby, ya know?
  5. eating healthy and excersising will definitely help, but as far as I've seen myself, and I have a god-awful memory as a very frequent smoker (I hate it so much, really hate it, can hardly ever remember what I did the day before without straining for quite a while), taking a break is the best way to clear your head.

    Nobody LIKES to do it :( but it certainly does work. If you're a regular smoker and don't take a break for a long time, it's astounding the results of taking a break are. It's like you can THINK again!
  6. I usually have to say the words "I have bad memory" way more often than I'd like to these days. I don't bother with excuses anymore.

    In my most recent mistake, I paid a car payment online 2 days after mailing a check, which I forgot about. Bouncing a check isn't the worst I've done, but I can't remember anything else right now :smoke:
  7. try looking up Ginkgo Biloba
  8. oh man there are TONS of supplements out there that help memory and brain function. just google that stuff man. i am a body builder and has a big list of all the supps and alot have to do with brain function, and memory.

    just google it
  9. Man, you're seriously thinking about this shit too much. Marijuana is a gift of nature, man. Like anything nature or the world in general gives us, moderation is key to true satisfaction. Don't look a gifthorse in the mouth and DO NOT smoke every day. I only get blazed on the weekends and am attending High School making good grades and having a FUCKING blast. Believe it or not, doing it less makes me have a BETTER time in life. Oh yea, and try camomil (sp?)(who fucking cares) tea. It's the most chill thing i've ever fucking drank.
  10. yeah thats like me, if i dont smoke i get really really pissed off at people and stuff tends to irritate me more than usual, then i finally toke up and can just relax for an hour or something..

    the only real break i have from pot is when i run out, because i dont have it i dont get stoned and dont really think about it.

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