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  1. i smoked for a few months im 20 now before i started smoking i could remeber what i did when i was 7 now i can barley remeber what i did last month... if i take a long break will i get my long term memory back?
  2. that's pretty extreme... i think you are fucked.

  3. are you serious? fuck me........
  4. Can you still remember what you did at 7?

    It's your short term memory, it will return ...

    (or you're fucked).:devious: :smoke:

  5. i hope im not fucked lol
  6. yea happens. I have a hard time remembering recent shit. Unless someone reminds me of it.
  7. Yea dude, when you quit smoking weed you get your short term memory back and your ability of recollection will get better. Just a side effect of smoking alot of weed. Also talking to more people and building a bigger life for yourself will make your memory better.
  8. Well I smoked myself stupid everyday for about 2 years. I haven' t smoked in 5 months and I still cant remember being 7. And I'm also 20. Shits strong in Colorado it makes your shoes fly off. And hat.
  9. Should of kept a journal...Who the hell knows where those memories are anymore.

    Try and strike a deal to lose what is left for immortality...Not sure if they take partial memories though, I'll discuss it with Zeus, he'll definitely know.:cool:
  10. i never had a problem with remembering stuff from a long time ago but i sure as shit cant remember when i put food in the over....i definitely need to work on that

  11. This, a lot of the time you won't remember shit until you see something that jogs your memory like reading a journal or enter that nostalgia thread, fuck me i seriously had flash backs going through that.

    My memory is really really bad too, i will be at the bar and i wont remember a persons name whos on my facebook, people get fucking PISSED and im like what the fuck i cant help it lol.

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