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Memory Problems

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by GreenSubmarine, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. I have heard some people talk about this, but on the whole I thought it was fake propaganda. A couple friends have said once they stopped smoking their memories were so much better, etc. etc.

    However, I have gone for months without smoking at a time for different reasons, and I have never felt ANY different.

    Have you guys ever had memory problems or felt different when you stopped smoking or went on T-breaks?
  2. Smoking has definitely affected my memory over the years.

  3. In what way?
  4. I've been smoking for almost 2 years. Almost daily the past few months. And yeah it has affected my memory. I just cant remember some shit at all. Like things that happen around me. Then someone will bring it up later and I cant remember details at all. And it's amplified 20 times whenever i drink which never used to happen to me before i smoked.
  5. well can you not remember things you did when you were high or can you not remember things you did while sober? I actually have an extremely good memory and i've been smoking pretty heavily for the past 5 years.
  6. I think it just differs between people. I never had the best memory to begin with(forgetting names and stuff like that). It happens when im sober, but more when im high obviously.
  7. I think people tell you it affects your memory so you dont do it. I have been smoking almost every day for over a year and my memory hasnt gotten worse at all.
  8. This is actually a huge common misconception.

    I have smoked every day for over a decade now, and still have an impecable memory. The reason this whole idea that smoking cannabis will affect your memory is because in the early 90s there was a huge marketing campaign against smoking weed brought on by the American Gov't claiming that it can destroy brain cells. This was later proven wrong by a group of medical researchers.

    Now think about this. When you have a night of smoking copious amounts of MJ and only MJ without alcohol, do you wake up the next morning next to a fat naked woman and wonder what the fuck happened? Of course not, but when you drink a 26 oz of whiskey that might happen... why? Because Alcohol kills brain cells and can "black out" your memory as a result.

    So the answer is no... your memory will not be affected by smoking MJ. I would wager your friends claim this in an attempt to act cool as if they are bad-ass rebels who smoke lots of weed!
  9. When I'm stoned my memory is very poor, but when I'm sober, even the morning after getting high, my memories pretty damn good by any standards. I can remember individual substitutions from football matches from when I was 10.
  10. if I have bud for 2 weeks, then my memory is worse throughout that time, even if Im not currently high. but if I go even 2 days without smoking, I notice a difference and I remember things a lot better.
  11. its not even your memory. when you smoke daily, for a while, you just walk around and feel almost like a doofus pothead. like you're kinda laid back, a little slow, chillen, and your memory is just like that. but if you stop smoking for 3-5 days, you notice the difference. you feel 'clean' in a sense, and everything returns back to normal. like i smoke every day and just get by in classes, but then i don't blaze for 5 days before exams and I ace for me :D
  12. even if you dont realize it, marijuana does effect the memory. sorry
  13. you can't be serious.

    Weed affects all sorts of cognitive functioning for many, many people. You may be an outlier, but that doesn't give you license to spew bullshit.

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