Memory loss

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  1. Every time i get high i have deep thoughts about life and how we got here and i remember thinking them BUT I CAN NEVER REMEMBER WHAT I THOUGHT. I CAN ONLY REMEMBER THINKING I WAS A GENIUS AND IT MAKES ME SO MAD.

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  2. Write them down as they occur to you or use your cellphone voice recorder.
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  3. That is a good idea!! I used to take recordings but i ran out of room. Im getting a lap top, i have a bad wrist so writing is hard but i can definitely use that laptop and write it down.

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  4. I tired getting a notebook and writing down all those brilliant high ideas. When I woke up in the morning to read what I wrote all I did was write "you should write that down".. disappointing.
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  5. I think I love you

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  6. Text it to yourself or make a thread on here.

  7. I don't remember where I put my boxcutter at work or what I did with my cigarettes, but I remembered that Fresno Video used to have a deal for 5 movies, for 5 days, for 5 dollars

    The Vallarta on Tulare used to be a Vons
  8. Lighten up. I can't...wait, what?
  9. She forgot about your reply lol
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  10. If only you knew my texts from last night.... Telenovela con Angelita y su burrito supreme. ¡Aye, qué triste!
  11. Try to not think too hard about it, i know it feels like the most important thing in the world at the time but if you just gentle let go it will come back if it actually is important. Sometimes when you are sober you notice those thoughts are not that big of a deal but sometimes they are so yeah. Great advice was already given before me just thought i would chime in :)
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  12. Lmao I know dude. Sad thing I'd at the time I truly thought it was amazing each time
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    It's that "forgetfulness" that is the very thing that helps veterans and others with PTSD and depression. It's epecially useful for those who have gone through traumatic experiences. It's funny but those who don't understand cannabis see this as a detriment (the forgetfulness) but it's only temporary and in reality, it's medicine healing our broken brains. The "high" we get is simply a side effect of the medicine.
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  14. I used to feel that way, but now I don't really want to think any of my thoughts are important.
  15. 90s be like
    I got u fam.
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  16. You are still the same genius after you forget OP, lol, all that's happened is that things have gone subconscious again while they are processed and assimilated. All realisations make their way into your life when and if they are relevant. So don't be mad, in fact the more you allow it to be this way, the easier it becomes for something to come back!
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  17. Hahahahaah! I did. I actually forgot i made this thread, this is becoming a real problem.
    But memory loss is a thing in my family. My grandma has never once smoked weed (she has been mormon her entire life) and she forgets things worse than me and smoke daily!

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  18. Havent seem you around in quite sometime, welcome back?

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  19. Find the triggers. I can't remember directions but i remember parked cars, buildings or advertisements. You can also connect your memory to emotions, so try remembering the mood you were in, how it made you feel and the result which is you feeling like a genius.

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