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Memory Loss and smoking.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Siberius, Jan 12, 2010.

  1. #1 Siberius, Jan 12, 2010
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    I use to smoke alot. My bro recently has been having issues with his GF and has decided to stay at my place in the meantime; he smokes; so I decided, "wth?" why not for old times sake.

    He smokes nothing but indica dominate strains; (Not my thing but It's still has it's pluses)

    Anyways; I'm getting something I've never gotten before, and that is this atrocious memory loss. It only last about 45 minutes after the high kicks in but I get couched locked to the power of ten for those 45 minutes.

    I'm usually use to smoking, even if it's indica; and begin writing stuff down or just having general conversation; but I literally can't hold a train of thought so I can't converse.

    It's very unpleasent; And I don't want to eat anything until at least 3 hours after I toke because that seems to lower my high down alot. =|

    Anyone know what can cause this?

    edit: Got blasted about 7 hours ago. I don't mean high ether; I got pretty fucked up.

    And about an hour and a half into the high I got the high I wanted; and I go music hunting sometimes; here is a good track for ya'll who are chilled on some indica.... very relaxing, I believe it's nujebles?

    [ame=""]YouTube- Samurai Champloo Soundtrack: How You Feel[/ame]

    Edit - Gonna hit the hay got to do some stuff in the morning I'll check back at about, 3-5 pm?

    See ya.
  2. Sounds to me like you have some good weed. :smoking:

    And I thought I was the only one who listened to Nujabes. He's got some sick music out there.
  3. If you haven't smoked in a while, sounds like your tolerance lowered and you smoked a little too much?
  4. I always have memory problems while high, short term that is. I can't learn anything new while high and remember it well sober especially if it's complicated stuff.
  5. I was going to reply but i forgot the question.
  6. #6 Siberius, Jan 12, 2010
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    Alot of people don't believe me but I started smoking pot when I was 9 years old and didn't quit until I was 17.

    So the truth is, I don't "remember" when I had no tolerance.

    I assumed it would hit me hard; but it seems my tolerance is completely gone now.

    I guess I should take advantage of it while it last. :devious:

    BTW; my bro left his pipe in his room saying that the bowl is still packed; anyone got any photos of bad weed? It's black which is expected after hitting a bowl a few times... After getting blasted yesterday getting nasty cravings to smoke right now... things feel bluezy..


    I'm the type of guy that people go to in order to blaze with because they already now I'm not going to act like a retard and kill their buzz... gonna have to let them down this time. >=D

    I'll tell ya guys the story...

    I was 9; my bro was 12.

    My older bro had left a "roach" laying around.

    So my bro got this pen; he put aluminum foil on the tip of it and created a fake pipe. We each took like 3 hits, I then remember going to the air-port and tress-passing and getting pass the terminals. xD

    I got bad memory sorry I can't remember alot.

    I think we went into an abandon building as well.... at that time I remember more people with us... they were doing that areisol huffing shit.... yeah I did it a few times (such a retarded high) and then I remember this dude literally going into the next room to jack it to this girl he had a crush on in 5th grade in a dirty ass matress in the next room that some hobo probably jacked off on and came back in like 5 minutes. xD
  7. I get that when i smoke too much, just share a joint between you and your bro and enjoy that. Its a lot easier to hold a conversation when your not totally monged out and your just a little buzzed.
  8. Memory loss? Sounds like you're just getting high. Retarded thread..

  9. Lol'd. I tend to forget stuff after I smoke, but it's in more of a general way. Not like when you get drunk and forget EVERYTHING that happened, but more of a just 'hazy' type of forgetting. Like I can remember if I think hard enough, but it doesn't just naturally come to me.
  10. How is it retarded?

    If anything; smoking to lose your memory is retarded. =|
  11. I def. was just tripping the fuck out on that song, OP... that shit isn't so bad when you're fully in the zone..
  12. This is called apprentice tokers for a reason buddy. :rolleyes:
  13. yeah, sounds like you got some dank. I always forget shit when im high, and drunk.

    PS. I thought i was the only listened to Nujabes also :p
  14. Yo, I got ALOT of tracks that are awesome to chill to when high.

    Is there a specific thread for these?

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