memories from music.

Discussion in 'General' started by darksmoker, May 3, 2011.

  1. i'm listening to stuff i used to when i was a kid [in 4th and 5th grade] and those were gooood fuckin timnes....when pokemon and dbz was huge. i listened to nsync and shit. yeah, gay, whatever. idgaf. i'm listening to it now, and got out my gameboy color playin pokemon red. this is fuckin sick. nostalgia. think i'll play spyro 1 on my ps1 next.

  2. LUCKY, i nostalgia'd so hard...that game was the s h i t.
  3. Tony Hawk 1 and smashing pumpkins, anyone?

    I got some surge soda, too.

  4. Fuck yeah, on the original xbox with the huge controllers :smoke:
  5. must...harvest.....nostalgia......

  6. This thread made me dig out my Weird Al collection.
  7. tony hawk! fuck yeah. i played that shit CONSTANTLY with all my friends and my brothers. i was the best out of all us, no lie. haha.
  8. reading rainbow. :cool:
  9. Ahhhhh, fuck...

  10. You sly devil you!

  11. Butterfly in the sky

    I can go twice as high

  12. i remember spyro.

    crash bandicoot team racing was the fucking shit
  13. when i was a kid i used to listen to this pop group from ireland called b*witched. i still listen on occasion to get my nostalgia on. :hello:
  14. Super smash bros nintendo 64.
  15. here's the skating game we had to play when I was

    [ame=]YouTube - Epic T&C Surf Designs run![/ame]
  16. I do this all the time! I love listening to music that brings me back. I have a CD I listened to my first time rolling and I get the chills everytime I turn it on. Also songs from when I was little a little nostalgia.

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