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  1. This is lewd but I thought I would share it anyways, since its art or some shit.

    If it's too much feel free to take it down. It's not really pornographic in the context, the hyper sexuality is part of the meta narrative.
    Anyways, yeah. Deep shit. Enjoy.

  2. The fuck did I just watch?
  3. Only reason I had to share it.
  4. I kept telling myself I would only watch part of it. The wtf factor kept me watching.

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  5. I am sorry...but Japanese culture is weird as fuck. I kind of admire it in a way. Because it is so fucking far away from our western culture.
  6. couldnt understand a single word on the page!
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    It reminds me a lot of the video to Seven Nation Army by the White Stripes TBH.  Minus the TnA of course. 
  8. They even got the signature cicada in there... I'm used to it now.
  9. That was so confusing and disturbing :laughing:
  10. I need to watch this after I smoke tonight. 5:15 was pretty cool.

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