Meme culture is shit

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  1. Go out for pints with a few mates... Discussing memes. Office chat... Memes. Facebook feed... Memes.

    They've insidiously lodged themselves into popular culture and the lexicon of our time - a result of which has been the election of an Orange Buffoon to one of the most powerful positions on the planet, another, the dumbing down of a generation. No longer do people need to defend their points of view via articulation and discussion, instead, a meme of a goat will do. Sad.

    Dangerous, lowest common denominator, cliquey, brain-rot.

    My 2-penneth.:love-m3j:
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  2. Whilst I agree with the notion of your post, I would point out that the memes against the "orange buffoon" far outnumber the ones for him.

    If you are against meme culture, chances are you are not against what the orange buffoon stands for.
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  3. Nearly the same - use a popular social media tool to say things that are distorted or outright wrong, occasionally a ring of truth to them.

  4. What is "nearly the same" ?

    I'd say anti-Trump media greatly outnumbers pro-Trump media or even neutral media. Would you disagree?
  5. Trump's usage of twitter, as compared to the usage of memes.

    Trump is a negative news generating machine, so it is likely more anti.

  6. Not sure what you mean by Trump personally being a "negative news generating machine" because he has Twitter. George W. Bush used zero Twitter and the Left crucified him for every step he took.

    I happen to disagree with George more than I agree, but let's not pretend that Trump's usage of Twitter is prompting the leftist propaganda machine to vomit rhetoric against him 24/7. They've been doing that well before him.
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  7. How can you think otherwise? He is his own worse enemy.

  8. *Worst

    Pretty confident the people he stands against day after day are his worst enemy.

    The reason he got elected is because he made it clear to enough of the American public that he too dislikes hardcore Leftist bullshit. As such, he found a nation just aching to bellow ME TOO!!

    He's got many real enemies. His Twitter account is not one of them.
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  9. A lot is wrong with pop culture nowadays (Kardashians , movies only being remakes, hardly any good music to name a few) but memes are one of the few things I actually enjoy. I agree with you that they shouldn't replace an ordinary debate though.
  10. His usage of it without giving forethought is juvenile, at best.
    If he makes it that far, he will be a one term President.

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  11. Greatly overshadowing Clinton's time as a zero-term president.

    All is right in the world.
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  12. Bill had 8 pretty good years, with a few slimeball moments.
    Hillary was crap, yet still would have been a better leader.

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  13. Hilary never got the chance to be crap. That's the point. The leftist golden boy Bill Clinton (who I supported in the 90's) would get eaten alive by today's leftist standards. The only thing he would have been "better" at , is appeasing one half of the US voting population over the other. Blanket statements about total appeasement are juvenile at this point.
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  14. I don't remember you saying this during the election.
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  15. I stated as much before.
    She was still better then the Donald though.
    I have no respect for the way he treated others, personally nor in business.
    He is a liar, a cheat, a con man, a braggart, a bully, (I could go on).


    Edited to add: We are really derailing this, lets stop we both know how the other feels.
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  16. In general I agree there's definitely more negative press regarding Trump.

    But so far as meme's go, has anyone actually ever counted? Lol.. The denizens of /pol and r/the_donald don't claim to have memed a president into office for nothing.

    Anyway, regarding the OP I tend to agree. So many BS memes during the election cycle (and even still now) with bad, incomplete, or just completely untrue information. Rather than articulate a point of view discussions are held by proxy with memes. The winner not being who is right or accurate, but whose meme is more dank.
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    I'll gladly stop, after pointing out what a blatant, bought and paid for corporatist shill Clinton has been.

    I too could go on , but I'll finish with thank Odin we didn't elect that shrill hag.

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  18. Alot of people are so meme illiterate and don't know their pop culture references, it makes makes me a sad panda.
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