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Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by ganjaguy420, Dec 19, 2002.

  1. dude, i want to see my rank in the posting game, and i try to see the member list, and it doesnt let me, how come?
  2. Hey ganjaguy!

    I've disabled this for viewing, because of recent attempts to harvest email adresses en spamming of our members, there were several reports from members who received spam email and PM's. THat's the reason why it's not viewable anymore.


  3. i was wondering about this as well... is there a possibility of it being returned... say to members only or something? i was thinking if you'd have to log in to view the list, it may possibly narrow down who was doing the spamming... if not, it's no biggie. just a little curious ;)
  4. yeah i kinda liked having that, too bad people fucked it up, its ok though.
  5. Good suggestion, IGotTheCottons.

    But it's really easy to get an account to log in here. If they really want free advertising they'll probably be willing to register an account.

    I wonder........ is there an option to leave out email addresses in the member list? And don't you have to have an account registered to send a PM?

    It's a bummer not being able to scroll through and see what funky names have been registered.

    But if it means spammers are helped out by this... we gotta do what we gotta do.
  6. i have an idea... for those who like to know where they rank post wise... maybe SJ could set up a monthly (or however long) mailing list on the site. this way people could register with the list, and SJ could put various things on it (like site updates, etc.), and he could have say the top 50 (give or take) posters listed as well. if the member's e-mail addy's were kept private this would eliminate spamming, and also keep those who care informed about things that are going on with the site, as well as where they stand in the posting game.
  7. I got cottons, This site does not have an income. Sj doesn't want to spend all his time here, when he has so many other things to take care of.

    The member search could be turned back on, but the spamming would get heavy again. I do believe that I would rather keep the search off than to start getting alot of Spam in my e-mail!

  8. this thought occured to me after i posted. it's all good though :) no big deal.
  9. I liked IGotTheCottons idea. If SJ doesn't want to do it I think there are those that might. I'm sure there are others here besides me that have too much free time :D

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