Melting snow for water???!!!

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  1. Anything to be worried about here? I figure it's gonna be putting it down pretty thick soon, might as well use it instead of buying water. I have a very big yard and can get untouched snow all the time. Thanks for the input.
  2. i dont see anything wrong with your plan...!?
  3. Watch the pH.
    Rainwater is usually 5.2 or less
  4. [quote name='"PDMRSG"']Watch the pH.
    Rainwater is usually 5.2 or less[/quote]

    I thought I read something like that somewhere, but I wanted to be sure. Thanks folks.
  5. Once melted I would let it sit for at least 24 hours so that anything contained in the water will evaporate, but other than that I don't see why this won't work. It's a good green initiative!
  6. Was just discussing this with a friend, and from my past experiences I've found my only draw-backs are the fact that my house is already too cold and drafty in the winter, without bringing in the between 10 - 15 gallons of water I'd need to thaw on a daily
    basis :p If I keep it in a portion of the house that doesn't need to stay warm, it takes several days to fully thaw. :D

    It all depends on your volume/requirements, and if you have a nice toasty place you can afford to heat just for the sake of thawing water.

    But if you're already paying for extra water, why not just get an RO filter? A small RO system can provide over 3000 gallons of clean pure water in a year, they aren't that expensive, and they're even less to maintain.... and if the water you buy costs you between $0.50, to a dollar a gallon, and if like many places/towns your increased water usage doesn't cause your regular water bill to go up, then over the course of time that's $1,500 - $3,000 you're no longer spending on water. A substantial savings. :)

    And if you have animals, or family, it's healthier for drinking as well. :D
  7. RO isn't an option because I have a well and already have a peroxide filtration for the sulphur water, and I don't want to go that route. I'm in the sticks with no city water for quite a ways. Wouldn't melting it down on the stove work way faster than setting it out somewhere? None the less, my garage has way more than adequate heat and would melt it fast enough.
    Thanks again folks!!!
  8. I agree you are better off with filtered water. Snow is the same as rainwater, which is to say that what you get can vary a lot from what someone else might get. Acid rain, contaminants and impurities, dust and dirt and smog, you just don't know what you've got.

    No, the only thing that will evaporate is chlorine, which shouldn't be in snow/rainwater in the first place. And if something could evaporate out, there would be no need to wait 24 hours since this water has been outside all along.
  9. man unless you live in the mountains where the air is clean that will have all sorts of heavy metals in it if you live anywhere in a 300 mile area down wind from a factory of pretty much any type

    in college we did a test on snow just to see what it had in it to see if it was safe to eat like people were doing and what we found was all sorts of crappy stuff thats not good to ingest and things that would never be allowed in drinking water - this was in Lansing MI at Michigan State University and we collected snow from everywhere that it looked clean and untouched by anything, even got snow from Detroit and that was the worst by far

    all of the snow had stuff in it that isnt really harmful but its nothing you want to drink all the time and if thats the case you probably dont want to give it to plants - mostly it was heavy metals and bacteria with other random things even aluminum was in there probably because the jets spew it out since its in the fuel because people are trying to cause the planet to warm up

    its real they are fucking with the planet just to warm it up, read this people are crazy to even try this shit
  10. i usta use rain water and the plants didnt like it.. it was to acidic.. now with snow it might be the same or what ever it is.. jus check ur ph

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