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Melt Dab onto Tobacco Bowl

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by glimpee, Oct 26, 2014.

  1. So FISH has some oil (last of his g) and his torch ran out, his stove is also electric (couldn't heat up his torch enough with it, lost some oil) and his BBQ flames are far down and protected... Can he melt oil onto a tobacco bowl and then smoke that? Or would it be a waste?

  2. I don't know dude. If the bars in your grill are too wide, I would grill it in tin foil.
    I'm assuming if we're talking BBQ, you must be cooking salmon or mahi mahi.
    Personally, for salmon, I like to put some salt, pepper, garlic, italian seasoning, dill, and lime. Then, when it's cooked, I'll smoke p a fat bowl, and just dig in. 
  3. It's just some crumble-wax (one or two decent dabs worth) so dunno if thatd work, but Im wondering now if I can melt the oil onto a cig, would that work? I mean a filterless cig of course
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    You've gotta burn it at like 400 degrees Celsius.
    Plus, you need something that can contain it. 
    On a cig or a bowl, the vapor is just going to escape into the air. 
    Honestly, I would just hold onto it until you can find a friend with a oil rig/ePen, or until you invest in a similar tool yourself. You can get decent ePens for concentrates at like $35 with tax. 
    Also, on this forum, you can talk freely and comfortably. No need to mask your questions.
    And welcome to GC. Enjoy your stay. Watch out for Politics and Pandora.  :ey:  :gc_rocks:
  5. Put it on some baccy in a bowl or use a hot knife
  6. You're gonna just end up wasting the oil in all honesty. Just save it until you can get a proper smoking device
  7. fuuuuck my bro has a pen haha now I cant find my oil tho... cant believe I already wasted so much too ;(
  8. I used a vape pen... SUCH A WASTE barely got a rip
    Oh well I may not have anymore oil for a while, thanks tho
    it seems weird that it would waste on a cig tho, Ive smoked so many jays with oil in and outside them (never my idea)
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    hot knife it.  to hot knife with an electric stove just put a pot with water in it on a burner then your knives underneath the pot.
    and go small, it's super hard to control a big dab with hot knives.  1 dab should equal at least 3 hot knife rips, or more.
  10. yeah I was wondering what that FISH shit was about lol

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