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Mels Hole Conspiracy or Hoax?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Afriendsfriend, Nov 21, 2013.

  1. Mel's Hole
         â€œMel Waters” was the name given by a suspicious caller who came into the public's radar through the radio show, Coast to Coast AM, hosted by Art Bell.
         The seemingly anonymous man, who provided a pseudonym at best; judging by the lack of registry files on said name, existed for the audience as nothing but an ominous voice coming from an amplified speaker. His words were found to be controversial, mysterious, and for some – down right fiction.
         To this day debates are held concerning his testimonies; many defend his word and pass it on as fact, while skeptics suggest it to be that of a hoax. An expected reaction when it is nothing but one man's word describing in almost full detail the existence of a bottomless hole. A myth sought by many, found by none.
         The urban legend has spread far and wide over the years. It's reached as far as the absolute and undeniable violation of truth, surpassing any credibility when things such as resurrection come into frame. There are those who have claimed, Waters included, that the hole has brought deceased animals back from the dead. On the other hand, stories such as the hole being used as the local dump site for the surrounding community of Ellensburg, Washington, give it a more verisimilar shade.
         The infinite pit is said to have been measured as far as up to 15 miles (24 kilometers) in depth, and still no end to it was found. Mel Waters claimed to of used a custom made fishing line (custom due to the length) and a weight tied to one end, as the descending tool used solely for measurement.
         Its location has never been disclosed and has been hinted to be confidential. Though Mel told the story stating that he had found the hole within his very own property about nine miles west from Ellensburg he never revealed its exact location. Having been an event that gave its first stirs in the year 1997, the public was limited to a web page known as terraserver, google earth's predecessor. Terraserver much like google's gadget gave the ability to view satellite images online. Fans, believers, and myth busters all used this method in attempts to finding the hole. Puzzling enough, they were met with a blanked out section of the earth's surface; --inexplicably censored.
    Actual image from Terraserver:
    mels hole terra.jpg
         Later, as the story progressed Mr. Waters involved the US government in his growing tale as he mentioned, again, broadcasted live on the Coast to Coast AM Radio show, that his property had been seized and he, had been forced to leave and resume his remaining years in the comfort of a government paid house found within the borders of Australia.
         Gossip and rumors have been the fuel to this story. Extraterrestrial ideas have come to pass in attempts to explain such a hole. Fan pages and search groups have been created. An all out, full fledge conspiracy has been created around what I personally believe was a man's Idea, a successful attempt at fame, ironical, mischievous and quite honestly, -- brilliant.
         What do you think? Is it conspiracy or is it hoax?
         Was this cultural dent a mental spur, forming an idea that would impact so many susceptible minds? Or was it a properly executed government cover up, the likes of which we will never get to the bottom of?
         You decide. Share your opinions, thought or past experiences with the subject. Debate on its existence or help with further insight.
         I now leave it in your hands, but remember, --you heard this from afriendsfriend.

  2. My Ex Girlfriend's vagina?
  3. Why the fuck is this in the Philosophy section?
  4. I believe you have asked the wrong question...

    Plato, Socrates devoted student once asked him, "what exactly are we supposed to question?" And Socrates, as any philosopher worthy of being called such, answered, "everything".

    I, unaware, thought a discussion; to say the very least, would be aroused by such a baffling topic. A topic philosopher's have actually tackled before. But I must admit, you are right up to some extent.
    Judging by the coments above your own, the question you should have asked is:
    "What the f#*& is this doing in the "GC" philosophy section?"
    Thank you for the enlightment.
  5. If you look at his other claims it makes this one even less believable.
    Probably for the same reason god
    keeps coming up in the science section.
  7. Whats your opinion op?

    I dont think a bottomless hole that revives the dead exists and i think its silly enough not to elaborate further
  8. So, the holes location is confidential, we are supposed to believe claims like it's 15 miles because some guy with a fishing pole said he measured it, yet we don't know where it is so we can't truly measure it, and were supposed to believe it has the powers of surection. Also, a picture of a map from an outdated computer software running on 28.8or 56k modem seems to have been unable to load the entire image, not so much that something was censored, if they were trying to censor a map, they'd be likely to make it inconspicuous, not overbearingly obvious,I call hoax. This theory has many of the tricks of deception, lies, and fallacies that many counter culture conspiracies have, exaggerated by misinformation of course. Sent from my iPad using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  9.  Well, until Mel produces some proof, i shall shit profusely upon the notion of this.
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    Looks less promising from very basic research.'s_Hole
  11. There are way cooler real mysterious holes.

    Shit, you'd be a legend if you made any progress with the Pit on Oak Island.

    Ever since I heard the true story of that place I've been intrigued.

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