Mellow Greetings

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Drano, Feb 25, 2003.

  1. Mellow Greetings, Hessians....I'm Drano and I come to your world in peace. I offer you mellow words of love and peace to soothe the soul. I think of cannabis as peace . It is a daily ritual to me for the last few years . It has opened countless doors for me and my focus has enhanced considerably. I look forward to meeting some mellow ladies on this forum.
  2. Welcome to the City!!!!

    We're all about peace and love! In fact, sometimes it's just one big lovefest up in here!!
  3. You are in the right place for peace and love..

    Enjoy the city and welcome!
  4. yep! welcome man, have fun :D
  5. Welcome to the city!!!
  6. welcome , i only wish the stash never would run out

    now lets all get drunk and play ping pong :p
  7. welcome to the city....Peace out....Sid
  8. Mellowest of Greetings to you , earth man... I hope your having a mellow raging day. I 'm seeing alot of turmoil on TV(which I try to avoid watching the"idiot box" as much as I can) and I bum out. So I try not to think too much about war or Nightclubs burning down killing 94 people. And I think about the inner peace I have attained and its a total trip to be like an ice cube surviving in an oven. Mellowness is not easy to attain, but well worth the Struggle. Be Mellow
  9. mellow, the only way to go.

    peace out
  10. you remind me of my friend dennis, hes really easy-goin n mellow kind of stoner, hes a great guy. fun as hell to chill with. so yep mellow is great :)

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