Mello in Oz

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Fumble, Mar 3, 2002.

  1. Hey people,
    I live in Oz (Australia) and I was just looking at stuff on the net and i found this site. Im a casual smoker and i will try (almost) anything.
    It would be great if I could hear some good views and intelligent comments about weed and/or anything to do with it.
    Thankz for listing to me waffle on, catch yas soon...
  2. HIGH Fumble!! welcome to the "CITY" :wave: You're sure to pick up LOTS of views and comments round here, although not all good and intelligent..Ha Ha He He...LMAO!!! Really cool folks here....enjoy!!! :smoking: :hippie: :smoking:
  3. Welcome to the city of grass. The information highway to Marijuanna!!
  4. The Gateway to Ganja, The way to Weed,The Portal of Pot,The den of Dank,( SEE, not all comments are itelligent! ) so sooooooorrrrryy .....:smoking: ....just REALLY BLAZED!! :smoking:
  5. Iv'e seen 3 diffrent ways of spelling that Oi, Oy, an now Oui
    is that even a word or is it like "ain't"

    Anyway, welcome to the site! :D

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