Meizhi 600 New Design?

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by GreatGrammy, Aug 16, 2017.

  1. I bought 2 600 refl. Meizhi lights in June and just recently bought another from the same seller. The new light has no protective glass. I inquired and was told...

    "Thanks for buying our products, please don't worry, the light don't miss any parts, it's our New design, we cancelled the glass to promote heat dissipation, and all lights can 100% out."

    Does anyone have a new light without protective glass? I also noticed some of the numbers are parts from Mars Hydro? I'm not even sure if the power is the same. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance! :)
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  2. More bullshit from the retailers, resellers, and assemblers

    You can skip the optics on a DIY build for certain. It will improve heat dissipation and optics generally create a small light loss in exchange for better diffusion -5% to -10%, so if thats not a concern you skip the optics and pickup the extra light power.

    However in a retail (supposedly) safety certified product (UL, CE etc) you would and should NEVER have an exposed diode surface. Best check the IP rating on that light. I bet that BS too. This straight up sounds like a design problem and to stop the product failures/returns they simply removed the optics.

    As a side note, everyone needs to get off the retail Mars crack pipe man, I just saw another thread where a guy bought two Mars POS lights which of course under performed, he comes here for help and what happens , Mars tries to upsell him more lights. He has a 2x4 tent already with two panels in it. Effing Laughable. I have such a hate on for Mars these days, snake oil salesmen. Sounds like Meizhi isn't much diff.
  3. I liked my Meizhi 600w lights VERY much. I was able to get 545g in 73 days with those lights and that was fine by me. Mine never had glass over them and if they had I would have removed it anyway. None of the cheap leds I've had have ever had glass over the leds.
  4. @MonkeyPickAss Hi Were your 600's new when you bought them?
  5. @canadian1969 Yes I think I'm getting a bunch of BS answers from whom I bought them from.
  6. Yeah I bought them this time last year.
  7. Thank you

  8. No, the parts are not from Mars Hydro, but Mars uses the same parts.

    Basically the same parts, same price, same warranty.. the difference? Meizhi still has a decent reputation.
  9. I am of the opinion that the 600w Meizhi is the perfect veg light. It may not be the greatest flower light ever but it will make a fucking gorgeous plant in veg.

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