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Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by Mallari, Mar 24, 2006.

  1. I've decided to change my setup and go big. FIRST of all what are your thoughts on the MegaFarm picturd below?
    • 20 gallon reservoir
    20 gallon growing chamber
    • Dual drip ring
    • Pumping columns
    • Dual output air pump
    • 1/4” air line
    • Hydroton
    • Flora Series Nutrients

    >I'm currently using the euro grower 8- 2 gallon growing chambers & a 40 gallon reservoir. I know plant size has to do with many factors but with a 20 gallon growing chamber whats a rough estimate of plant size potential?

    NOTE: I'm growing in optimal conditions. Temerature controlled, Co2 Enriched, Indoor, etc.

    >I've already bought 5 of these bad boys & my grow box is W4' x L6' x H8'.....What do you suggest on lighting.

    Hopefully Ill get some good tips and thanks to all you helped me & when its time I'll definetely keep you guys updated through the grow!!!!
  2. IF you are that interested in doing this. Then making your own would be a million times better. More plants at once= More fun :) ( o ya more bud to ;) )

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