Mega small ? Yellow tips ? Take a look plz

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  1. Hi all

    i need your greenfigered comments on this plz.

    plant is NL feminised from N*rvana 5 weeks old !

    It was in the garage for 3-4 weeks and ive got it in for the last 4 days as it was growing slowly and the ends of the leaves were turning yellow, so i lopped off just about all of it so it has been topped.

    The last 2 days or so it has continued to grow, what all seemed good is now happening again the very ends of the tips are yellowing.

    Nute burn you all shout ? No nutes at all just tap water, PH run off is 6.5 temp is a steady 74c humidity 50% under 24/0 6400K CFL.

    Should i feed it ?
    Repot it ?
    Get some better seeds ?

    Oh its in B&Q multi purpose BTW.

    Thanks all.

  2. is that soil organic or does it have time released ferts
  3. That is burn, just not from poured on nutes...what it is planted in is too hot for the plant a week ago when it was just a seedling. Should be fine. Don't feed it anything and it will continue to grow in that particular soil for a while.
  4. If you can purchase quality soil, I suggest you do so. Those time released ferts are bad news for the most part. It looks like you'll need to transplant pretty soon anyways. Perfect time to get some quality soil.

    Good luck!
  5. Looks like MG miracle garbage
  6. Needs more light
  7. i ran into this problem as well but the two (of 6) i save are fine now, great growth. what do you guys mean by the soil being too "hot," i started 6 seeds they all sprouted fine but only 2 kept growing while the other 4 were stunted (i threw them away). i assume it was some kind of nute lock out? but i have no idea, my ph was between 6-7. i have the strips, will upgrade soon. sorry for asking question on your post brazza
  8. your seedlings are unlikley to get nute lock out this early.

    when he says the soil is too "hot," he means that there is too much manure, minerals, or other fertilizers added to the soil when you buy it straight out of the bag. when you choose soil for seedlings you have to be careful with what you buy & so it doesnt have added fertilizers. for example, ocean forest would be bad for seedlings. happy frog is great for seedlings.
  9. Thanks for all of input guys I'm gonna repot this weekend in some John Inness soil that is recommended for seedlings,

    They are still growing but are very small, maybe I'm just impatient, I've got one other grow under my belt but they were garden grown & they were autos so it doesn't really count.

    I'll post some pics later & show it's progress.
  10. 3 days later, still alive..... just.

  11. Just water it with regular water for a few feedings and it should start looking alot better
  12. Thanks I will.

    I never thought vegging would be so difficult.
  13. The smaller the plant, the more sensitive it is...someone once posted 'you wouldn't feed a baby as steak instead of milk to make it grow would ya?'.
  14. Did you transplant yet? I would get a 5gal pot for it.
  15. thats way to small for 5 weeks old
  16. Just a little update i have the plant indoors now & repotted into some JI no.1 soil with vermaculite added and its doing alot better, i did top it no nutes yet and has been under a 11w 6400k CFL thats it.

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