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  1. So for those of you who live in states which sells Mega Millions tickets the jackpot is at $500 million. Due to this I thought I would create a thread to see what you would do if you won, of course it would be closer to $300 mil after taxes, haha.
  2. biggest.grow.ever.
  3. It is against my beliefs to to gamble......DON'T BELIEVE ME ??????

    Wanna Bet ?
  4. Id buy a nice ass car a good house and just chill on my ass all day getting fucked up. But thats just me
  5. Donate money to what ever research of illnesses I have a chance of getting get a house and car live off the interest of the rest
  6. I usually never play the lotto, but me and my girlfriend decided to go buy some tickets for the mega millions.

    If I won I'd just sit on my money, live life, and be happy.
    I watched one of those shows about lottery winners, and one of the reasons so many of them go broke is because they decide to try to have their own business and pouring too much money in to it, or making bad investments.
    I'd just put all the money in bank accounts, maybe some in savings bonds. Just the interest alone would be enough to live off of and be wealthy.
  7. I got a ticket! I'm feeling it baby!
  8. Want to fix the economy America give 500 people 1 million. Idiots... its not hard! they dont want everyone to be rich
  9. Lottery is a "sucker-tax" but tell that to the winner right...

    Personally I never buy tickets but everyone in my company put in $10 bucks this time so I went along with it. Gonna buy an Island if we win!

  10. at my old job they had a lotto pool. I pitched in a dollar every week. I didn't really care/ever think they were going to win.... but I was basically in the pool as an insurance policy incase they won lol
    Didn't want to be the one guy in the company left when every one else was rich and happy lol
  11. Buy a decent house and car, hook friends and family up.. then I'd walk around town and whenever I saw somebody who looked down or just looked interesting I'd go up and be all "so yeah, here's a milion dollars"
  12. New car, probably one of those electric or hybrid cars, some nice new clothes, a midsized, modest house that runs on solar energy. Then I'd probably take a vacation, a couple weeks, maybe a month; I've always wanted to see the Rainforest.

    Then, I'd pay off my parents' mortgage and fix their house up for them. Maybe replace their cars. I'd also put my gma on a sort of allowance to help her get by; she's on Social Security right now and barely makes ends meet.

    Then, I'd like to give a fairly large sum to St. Jude's and Shriners. The rest would go into a savings account.
  13. I'd spend it all on gold and silver.
  14. Got a bills worth of them... If I win first thing I'm doin is heading to wortst part of Mexico and getting as much kids as I can and get them in school and away from the mafia.. if u haven't seen that shit its sad.. they don't got a choice its get a gun or die.
  15. spend every dime and live like a G
  16. dont tell me it can never happen, a friend of mine won $10,000 from the powerball a few months ago

    anyways...let's call it $300m...i would pay off all my debts obviously...move the fuck out of my grandma's basement and move to the nc/sc border (close as i can get to sc right now legally), buy a decent trailer, furnish it, and then in december i would move to myrtle beach and buy a nice ass fucking condo right on the ocean and buy some nice ass TVs and computers, maybe 2 or 3 cars, send money to my parents and aunts and whatnot, and just live comfortably for the rest of my life.
  17. right now id just buy an ounce of weed and a condo in colorado. save the rest for living expenses. i just want to fucking sleep. im entering my 32nd hour of being awake... and now the stress of not being able to sleep is going to make it impossible for me to sleep... i need some fucking weed.
  18. I don't understand the people who say they would give a shit ton of money to friends and family.

    Yeah, I'd give about 5 mil to the parentals, but that's it. Your friends might no always be there, and aunts and uncles never did shit for me. Your parents raised you, not Gary next door.
  19. Build an 'Autism' community for my son somewhere beautiful. So he can have lots of friends :0)

    Oh yah, I'd tell all the nasty ghetto bitches at my job to KICK ROCKs and to everyone else they can get the middle :0)
  20. Hoard as much gold as I can, let my kids inherit it when I die, if I don't have kids it all goes to the dog.

    Gold is always a good investment, and as soon as the economy fails it'll be the most desirable form of currency.

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