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  1. I love grasscity and all, but im getting fucking bored of sitting at my damn laptop all day doing nothing.  Im 21 and i want to be out socializing and getting laid.  but im what some people might call a social retard.  so my question is,  how do you guys get out and meet new people?  what things are there to do that dont cost money.  im not a outgoing person that starts conversations.  it seems like if i walked into a bar by myself i would just sit there have a few drinks and leave not even talking to anyone.  how do you start conversations with other people/women?  i dont really have any friends so i dont have a wingman to work off of.  ill get pretty nervous talking to the ladies, but i think thats just something i have to work out myself. im fucking bored and i want to do something today.

  2. Understand that most people go to bars to socialize. So there's nothing strange or awkward about starting conversation.

    Do it!
  3. House parties.......or jus havin a few people over. I dont recommend gettin smashed or really drunk at the bar......but have a few and hang out n socialize w people. Play pool, darts, fooseball etc. Jus have a good time.....
    Get together with friends....have a few people over.......have them bring some of their friends over......get outside your comfort zone!
    Dont stay inside all the life!
  4. If you're still at school, talk with your classmates! If you guys have free time, make small talk! Small talk goes long ways to be honest. Once you initiate that you're friendly, they'll be more comfortable to talk to you more. Bam, new friend!

    If you're at a bar, whoever you sit near with, just ask, "How's it going?" and go on from there. If they don't want to talk, then they don't want to talk. You never know, they may be going through tough times, or they suck in general. You won't see them ever again lol. Just don't be too hard on yourself and just have an open positive attitude.

    You'll be happy!
  5. One of the strongest conversation starters is to just comment on your surrounding.

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