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Meeting new people when high

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Sshack, May 8, 2011.

  1. Ever sense I was a young kid it was difficult for me to meet new people when I was high. I would always end up making a bad impression in one way or another. It was not because I was a shy kid, or afraid they would know I was under the influence, I would always just somehow feel like it was an awkward exchange afterwards.

    Weed for some people makes them more sociable, but it seems to do the opposite for me, I retreat far into the depths of my brain and process things in a completely different way. Does anyone else feel this way? Thoughts, comments.
  2. thats the magic of weed. :smoke:
  3. same. I don't like meeting new ppl :(

    Get me drunk though and I'll be your best man at the wedding.
  4. yea it sucks, happens to me too esp with some heavy ass kush :eek:
  5. Remember to use Rohto or Visine eye drops and you should be good.

    I feel awkward with new people, but sometimes I get high and then go on a walk and start talking to random people I meet.

    One time I started talking to this granny and she told me her whole life

    So yeah, bud is good for making me more social.
  6. Rhotos are my savior, got me out of so many sketchy situations.
  7. If they're high too, it's much less stressful and easier to talk to them. If they're not, I'm out haha

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