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  1. This is a thread for people to tell stories about times they met randoms and got smoked up/smoked them up!

    I'll start -

    About a week ago, me and my buddy went up to a well known smoke spot to go smoke some blunts and bowls.

    As we head up, smoking a blunt on the way, we see this guy walking around, smoking an L by himself. I call him over, ask if he wants to chill, and we sit down together.

    We finish up our blunt, which he didn't want to hit - understandably, you never know whats in it, and pack a bowl, and pass that around us three. He lets us hit his blunt, and we have a pretty good time.

    As me and my buddy are leaving, after our new friend does, we're heading down the hill, and these two people yell after us as we go down, "Wanna blaze?" We turn around, and walk back up, and explain we don't have a ton of weed, but we can throw.

    They joke around and pretend like they aren't gonna smoke with us now, and then smoke us out on two bowls of loud after we were already high as kites. Some stoner karma going on, and I loved it.
  2. During my senior year of high school I had a really badass welding instructor. He also taught the auto class. Anyways he was totally cool with me and my buddies taking off during class to go get food off campus and stuff like that. So one day my friend wanted to go get some tbell. So me, my friend Daniel ( driver), and friend Alex take off to get our food. Me and Alex wanted to smoke before going to tbell so we drove over to my other friends pad where I had left my stash. Me and Alex smoked a few bowls out of my friends double perc (Daniel didn't smoke at the time) then headed to tbell. We eat our food and are feeling pretty good. Daniel says he wants to stop by pull and save before going back to school to get some part for his car. So off we go. Daniel parks and says he will b back, so me and Alex put on some music and chill in the car. Then this guy pulls up next to us in an older beat to shit sedan. We had the windows down and the guy comes up to our vehicle carrying a grocery bag with a playstation in it. This guy was probably around 30-35, pretty skinny, lots of tats, and fidgety. Anyways he says he is trying to sell the playstation for $10. I had no use for an old playstation and neither did Alex. Then this guy just asks if we smoked bud. We were kind of surprised and said "uh yeah". He then motions for us to come over to his car. He proceeds to get out a small glass pipe and loads a bowl. We smoked probably 3 bowls with this guy then my buddy Daniel comes back and was like who the fuck was that guy. We were like we have no clue but he just smoked us out for free grinning from ear to ear. Then we headed back to school.
  3. Good stories keep em Comin
  4. I was chillin at amnicon falls with two of my friends. I was young too. This dude maybe 30-40 was there with 2 kids.

    I went and sat next to him and said what's up and all that shit. One of his kids fell down this big ass rock hill that goes into the swimming hole there called snake pit. I told him my cousin fell down that whole hill when we were high

    . HE then goes "You Smoke?!?!" I say yeah and he's like how old are you? I think I was maybe 13 or 14 at the time. So I told him. He then proceeds to ask me if I wanted to smoke

    We walk over this hill and he tells the kids I have to use his phone and he loads one up. It was also one of my first times smoking out of a glass pipe with a choke on it. So we blaze and he starts telling me about where he lives and shit and how he gets to go canoe every night and shit. We get done smoking and they leave.

    My two friends come back up from swimming and I told them I just smoked with that old dude. They didn't believe me though. Then as we were walking back by upper falls (you can google it just type in amnicon falls it was right by the covered bridge) he waves his finger at us to go over by him.

    MY friends that didn't believe me were with this time and we smoked another bowl. My one friend was scared to hit it (he now smokes more than I do) HE just stood there but my toher friend and I smoked up with that dude again and they couldn't talk shit anymore. It was pretty badass.
  5. :cool:

    stoners are such kind people

  6. They can be.. Or they can be scroungy ass motha fuckas.


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