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  1. So how many of you guys actually meet girlfriends when out just doing daily things. Right now after moving to a new state and using self-made safe hard-drug therapy I have finally realized the purpose of life and I'm starting to realize to just enjoy it and not care what anyone has to think. For example, how many of you guys find girls to be with when just out like lets say buying eye drops at CVS, buying some food at subway, going to a car wash, ETC. I want to hear your stories so I can start getting out there. Getting tired of this single life because I don't look, tired of being lazy. Post your stories and give blades motivations to leave their stoner chair.
  2. Where you hooked on unmentionables?
  3. Concerts are an awesome place to meet people, because you already have that common interest. Festivals are like concerts, but thousands of times bigger, with thousands more people. Right on for discovering that you just want to enjoy life - I think you should go to a festival, see a ton of bands you like, and you have countless opportunities to meet people - and you can even get stoned, too, it's all good! I went to the Download Festival last year, one of the best weekends of my life, met tonnes of people including someone who within a week or two of the festival became my girlfriend. Amazing experience, and sounds like it'd be perfect for you, dude. Good luck! :)
  4. Pretty lights April 20 (= Meeting wife... not i really dont want a relationship anyway, too srs
  5. Meeting girls during a daily life routine is more of something that happens on its own you cant really prepare for it or decide thats what you want to do. Put yourself out there more and you have a better chance of meeting a girl ill tell you that. Just be sure to talk to a girl first and feel her out to see if shes single or interested or not because that girl you saw at walmarrt that you thought was cute might already have a man but you never know unless you talk to them and talking doesnt hurt anyone.
  6. I recently got this girls number that works at a smoke shop that I go to sometimes. I've been talking to her but I have a feeling that it's not gonna go anywhere.
  7. I usually get girls going to and from work on the bus. Seriously, 100% of girls I met was at the bus or on the bus

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