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Meeting a new dealer tomorrow. Etiquette, precautions, and tips

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Aracratz, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. Meeting a new dealer tomorrow, looking to step my game up. He's legit, I met him through another blade, but this is more for the new blades out there as well as those just looking to professionalize their game.

    Anyway, I'll start.


    -Don't be over eager or desperate, you may get ripped off if he's shady

    -Don't ask personal questions or treat him like a new friend. You can easily become tight with a dealer, but don't rush

    -Remember, this guy is a BUSINESSMAN; keep it professional. Don't lie about that "dank dank" you smoked last week

    -Don't underplay him if you can't back it up. Even if you have a stable connect with some kind herb, and are meeting a new guy to diversify your dealing portfolio, don't trash his nug or be a snob, especially if it's mids. Unless he's trying to rip you.

    -Don't smoke him out the first time, but if you do, let him go first. Be nice.

    -BE COURTEOUS. He's (or she!) is a person too. Not criminal scum.


    -Be coy with texts, don't incriminate yourself or be too open

    -If it's a new guy, but a small bit first, 1/8 or a Quad.

    -DON'T TALK ABOUT YOUR MONEY. I CANNOT STRESS THIS. Don't say "oh yeah, I brought like 300 bucks. Can you get me an 1/8?". You're kinda asking to get jumped.

    -Don't talk about the police

    -Don't talk about your other dealers

    -Ask to scale it out, If he doesn't scale on more than an 1/8, leave.

    -ALWAYS look at the bud before giving the cash. If it's dank, make sure it's dank.

    -Don't judge a bud by the smell.


    -Smoke up with him. Roll a half gram blunt or a Jay

    -Bring some munchies or a drink. A little kindness goes a long way.

    -If he's driving, tip him. Not like 10 bucks, but 3-5 just to show you appreciate him.

    -Remember a little kindness goes a long way

    -Ask about his life, how he's doing.

    -Don't hound him into a deal if he's busy or can't do it on your time.

    Thanks! Please add some more tips and be safe/ have fun! :wave:

    -Try to meet in areas where there is a lot of traffic, but little to no police activity. A strip mall would be good.

    -Don't EVER talk about the "heat you're packin"

    -Don't try to act thug

    -Don't talk yourself up

    -Don't talk about times you've been jumped

    -Don't insult your man

    -If you feel something's wrong (police activity, etc.) go with your gut and move to a new venue or reschedule

    -If confrontation does happen, leave. Don't draw public eye to your illegal activity

    -Be smart
  3. nice tips for newbs
  4. Thanks.

    I just had a friend get jumped. Gun in his face, the whole nine yards. Trying not to have this happen to anyone else.

    The reality of the situation is that we're doing something illegal, and don't get me wrong, 99.99% of smokers and dealers are AWESOME people, but some are easily provoked, aggravated, and sketchy.

    These tips aren't just to keep people out of troubles with their dealers, but with the law too.

    They may be for newbs, but they're good guidelines to follow
  5. Anytime my dude drops off I always offer to smoke him out or toss em a few dollars now he has no problem dropping off. I sometimes get sketched picking up because I have illegal tint on my car
  6. excellent tips. i wish i had the luxury of watching my guy scale it out. usually i just call him up, tell him what i want. i usually meet him or "one of his boys" out on the street. if its a four door he'l hop in the back and we'l do our transaction. if its a two door we just make it look like we're asking for directions or just having a friendly conversation and the bud and the money swap at some point covertly. i usually dont have a chance to really look at the bud till we've driven away. i got no complaints tho if anything this guy throws in a little extra.
  7. Also any new dealer I meet I never buy more than eighth that way you can test it out and if you do happen to get robbed which has yet to happen knock on wood you're only out fifty bucks
  8. Good tips. I'd also add that you shouldn't be scared to walk away or say that you aren't paying for something.
  9. Good thread, this should be stickied. Plus rep :)
  10. #10 claytonb11, Mar 18, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 18, 2012
    Ya but if youre going to be doing that you also never want to be calling that guy again.
    Good thread, but I disagree on the walking away if he wont scale it out in front of you. Maybe on a big sale of an ounce or more, but on a small sale this is just a waste of time and heat as hell if you are doing the deal anywhere other than inside a house, and most deals go down in public. To ask someone to scale it up in their car or something is pretty much rude, its making them tak an extra risk. If its not a big sale, weigh it up when you get home and if he rips you off than either never call him again or tell him that and see how he reacts.
  11. I never really smoke my dealers out. And when we do smoke it's them that loads the bowl. I always offer to threw in but he always says no lol.

    Also I can't always smoke with him. Most of my dealers do it in the day and I just run out for 5-10 mins so I can't go home baked when my parents are there.

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