Meeting a girl and then find out she has a BF..

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  1. Hey ya never know
    She may want to have a 3 some with you and her Hubby

  2. Dude I know exactly how that pussy is once a kid pops out. That shit turns into the fucking Grand Canyon. Even a cargo plane is small in the Grand Canyon. It's just not worth it imo. That's mainly why I don't want to date any girls with kids because dude, I actually dated a girl with 2 kids she was 26 and that shit was looser than hell. Nope. I'll stay single and continue to bang the college girls here.
  3. yup happened to me too, met a hot girl off of a dating website and had a great time talking to her. she even said i was interesting and shit and wanted to get to know me. then out of the blue she stops answering her phone then through Facebook i see she is in a relationship and see pictures of her and her BF...
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    BIt of an update. I havent banged her (lol) but we pretty cool. I always get into great convos with her and she just a cute ass girl with her personality. She got a new job, but asked me if I wanted to get hired in over there.I skype with her and she knows I at least think i like her because i told her if she hadnt a fiance that itd be different but id respect that. I feel she defiently thinks about the same with me, but I guess i can never be sure. I know I should just move on lol, but the one thing is i really like her as a person, and thats something that ive seemed to struggle finding. I can get enough random sluts, but Im honestly sick of that bullshit for much of what its worth. I guess i just really like her as a person, not just sexually haha. Ah well...

    Peace and Love Blades.



  5. All that free weed wasted. You didn't give her any weed?


  6. Free weed , where[​IMG] lol. No i have not smoked with her. I almost did, but she doesnt smoke much ever.

  7. Unless her boyfriend/husband ain't good in bed... I probably would just let it go.

    Crushes are for kindergarten kids. A waste of time, waste of energy.. waste of dignity.. etc. Gotta be in control of your own life. You should never, ever have to rely on someone else to feel good. People respect independence.

  8. Honestly, I really respect that. (althought she has told me sucks and they have a bad sex life) not really lookin for just sex either, but i know a relationship is a definte no go. Shes just a friend that I need to get over my other feelings for her but im not good at that stuff i guess. I need to learn more control and i totally agree that i shouldnt rely on others to feel good, which is odd, but also very true.

  9. Case and point in why I dislike all my gfs guy friends.

  10. Last thing on your mind? Are you sure? When I meet a hot chick it's almost instantly the first thing on my mind, it's nature telling me I have to plant the seed.


  11. Thats a real cool story man good for you, that kid will be better for having you in his life and will never forget you, you should be proud you make a difference, it will be a lifetime difference. I am happy to read this.

  12. Okay, last thing on my mind maybe not , but it was the second thing, which isnt the first! and you know what they say, if ya aint first, ya last! ;)

  13. is that a trick question?
  14. the last thing, really? what was a few of the first things?

    a cozy game of charades?
  15. You seem like a good guy by not trying to homewreck though, respect man.

    If I were in his shoes I'd feel sick if my girlfriend, whom I hypothetically also had a kid with at 18, was out banging dudes at work. Plus, if a girl is gonna drop all that for you, you can sure as hell expect her to do the same to you.
  16. however I think your right in that the odds are higher

    I don't entirely agree with this statement, if your significant other is out banging dudes the home is already ruined, it's just not an ethical way to conduct yourself. Just because somebody makes the mistake and cheats doesn't mean they will make it again, however I think your right in that the odds are higher that they will cheat again, some people are just never happy with anything good, they get bored easy. These are never the right choice in a mate.
  17. Kids....such an immediate turn off [​IMG]

    You need to sever you feelings with a battle axe and get the away from this chick.

    Whenever I find out a chick has kids I usually look for an 'Exit' as quickly as possible. Sometimes I'll stick around for some action but you will not find me catching feelings for a single mom. I refuse to be a rent-a-dad for some other guys bastard children [​IMG]

  18. 90% if not more of females on dating sites are on them to boost their massive ego. They have no interest, it's all a game to them, dating sites are a huge waste of time.. You have a better chance at finding a girl at a grocery store than through a dating site. Wanna get girls.. Be a douchebag. Why girls dig them? The world will never know.

  19. Bro I've been in the exact same predicament twice. If you really like her and its real, be honest w/her and ask her about her situation cus it might not be what it seems. Parents are for life-doesn't mean she loves him and maybe she feels the same about you. She has an obligation to her child and while baby daddy is around it doesn't mean she loves him. She might just be waiting on something better and you might be it. Don't be a home wrecker but don't sell yourself short cus she might be the one true love you both are looking for and besides most young romances leading to children don't last due mostly to immature guys not wanting the responsibility of fatherhood. Get to know her better and let her know about you-stay friends and if she is into you she'll let you know. When he bails -be there for her and she's know your a genuine guy. Hope that helped. Also, bonding w/a kid is cool and strengthens relationships. I been around the block a few times and know what I'm talking bout. Good luck

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