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  1. Interesting article on a mostly unknown person who is charge of it all and even has a segments of the military under his command...the 10th Fleet, 24th Air-force and Second Army. He is a 4 Star Army General that his friends call Emperor. 
    A really good read. The key to there success is to have thousands of dedicated people look for chinks in the armor of Windows, Linux, Mac OS X etc. Basically a legion of hackers. Vulnerabilities that no one knows about and then instantly exploit them. They call it Endgame. 
    It also offers a unique feature as well. A real time map that shows the IP address and Geolocation of every device that is hooked up to the internet..all in real time. 
    So you use this software and put Apple's Corporate name in. It shows every device that Apple has if there the target, every IP address and where that device is on there domain. Then it runs a battery of tests or suggests the way to gain entry from the unknown vulnerabilities that they may have. After that there in the pipe. 
    This all explains why all the major tech companies had no idea that there systems were being accessed.  There goons have legions of PHDers, techs that spend all day looking for the flaw, never share it and exploit it. 
    The pieces of what they are doing is coming together. Data center in Utah holds all that data, Super Computing Center in Oakridge processes it, DC gets the information. If you keep up on the news you will remember the whistler blower from At&t that showed the rooms that the Feds use to duplicate the internet. He was a tech involved with the splices. Its all clear now. 


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    Your posts and threads are always top notch & high speed.
    Thanks man.
    I appreciate it. I am not a news junkie but I have a really good memory and read fast. Like to stay informed on both sides of the spectrum usually. 
    Im not anti government just one that is more limited in scope. I think things swing both ways right now were on the swing that favors them. Things change though. Being aware and involved when you can and most importantly vote. 
    People underestimate the power of voting. Where as they might see the current regime in office as the ultimate bad guy well he will gone eventually. Look at GW. You know what he does mostly..sit on his porch and enjoys time with his wife. The media stopped following him he was so boring. 
    Its never the end of the world, we just have to remake it!
  4. This shit is getting ridiculous. Not really surprising though.
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    So, if they literally can keep track of everything that happens over the net, wouldn't you think they would have caught onto silk road users and started busting everyone that tries it by now?

    I call bullshit, those guys are still hit or miss at best, they might intercept one or two emails a day that might actually be something that concerns them, but there's no way they can maintain constant internet-wide surveillance 24/7. It's just not possible. And there's no way they would do all this work through single location hubs. It would be too easy for one well-planned event, say someone makes one of those EMP bombs large enough to take out one of those centers, or even better, one at both, Utah and Oak Ridge, and bam, government can't keep watch over the internet anymore? Naw, that's too easy to do, even I gotta give the government more credit than that. They would have to have redundancy, another data center in another location to take over in case one location goes down.
    I'm not sure why it was needed to prove that cyber retaliation occurs from a major cyber attack.. intelligence gathering? Or...
    Alexander has allegedly kept most of his intelligence gathering secret from most of the government. As for EMP, that's easily prevented with the correct precautions, such as mentioned in the first paragraph of the article:
    They can't do it yet, but if they stay on plan, it will allegedly be happening soon.
    If you're going to question the article, maybe you should read it. :p
    I wonder if they've done any work on the dams?
  7. doesn't the FBI look for Wanted(potential) hackers? and how come these hackers aren't arrested?, a hacker is a hacker and it's illegal to hack, right?
  8. Its actually not hard at all. Literally eveeything is coppied and saved to government databases

    The only question is manpower.

    Theu can only look at so many screens and arrsst so manu people

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  9. Rhaps is always a great read ....thanks man!!
  10. I agree with Tripace on this one, they're capabilities are limited atm. But scary nonetheless.
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    Do you mean he doesn't know how to distinguish their, there, and they're. If so you are 100% correct.
    Lets keep pety insults like this out of the city please

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