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  1. First, a family shot. I used to have a spoon style bubbler, but I sold him to a friend in need.

    Chief is my first pipe. Got him at C&G's in Westport, MO for $15 for a 50% off sale. Named after the KC Chiefs. Red and orange, with a very deep bowl. I am retiring him with the introduction of two new pipes. I dropped him a few times, and with a few scratches and chips, I don't want to fully break him. So for now, he is going up on the shelf to sit in his glory :p

    Shirly was a pickup from C&G's as well. Got her for $40 for a Christmas present for myself in December of '08. The bowl starts out deep blue, fades into a dark orange, and blends into a blue going up the neck. Starting at half way up the neck, color changing glass is blended into the mouth piece. When resined up, it makes for a really cool flowing appearence. Pretty deep bowl, not as large as Chief, though.

    The next two were a shop right around the corner from C&G's in Westport, at '18+ Smoke Shop'. Bought them 2 for $45 earlier today. The first one is really heavy glass, clear/baby blue glass (color change?) with orange, blue/orange, yellow/red stripes running from the mouth piece down to the bowl. The second one is just a pure color change, and it looks like it will be mostly blues/greens when it gets resined.

    Oh, and the dugout I bought for $20. Made from Buffalo Bone (idk how much I believe that, but it looked cool). This is probably my most used piece. Makes the drive to work a little more enjoyable, not to mention work itself.

    As soon as I head off to college, the first thing I am doing is buying a VaporGenie. I might get a bong my 2nd year of college if I rent a house with friends. For now, I will just play it by ear.
  2. im digging "shirly" lovin the colours
  3. ur gonna love that vaporgenie if u get it man. im bringing mine to college. its actually become my daily smoker. lol
  4. DAMN! THAT SHIRLLLYYYY IS SICK!!!!!!!:eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:
  5. I'm liking your first new bowl alot, and it looks like the baby blue should turn alot darker once it gets rezed up.
  6. be sure to post a picture of the last one when it gets resined up!

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