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    Hey guys so I just wanted to show my tube collection so far input appreciated thanks!

    This is monster (not only because of the sticker but because it died and I brought it back to life lol)

    This is blue thunda (because it's blue and hits you like thunnddaaa haha)

    And this is tiny Tim (because it's small and will leave you crippled lmao)

    Family pic

    That's it for tubes but here's a few extras

    The scientist (makes a bong look like a science kit)

    And my two spoons (I don't really have names for them lol)

    And lastly all my other glass attachments and such

    And I still don't have my laptop but I promise milk vids within a day or two thanks guys tell me what you think and I will be updating the more I get!
  2. bubbler milk
    [ame=]cheech bubbler milk - YouTube[/ame]
  3. there isnt the best but its a milk... im gunna clean all my pieces now and try get better lighting and ill have all the good milk vids up by tonight!
  4. just some advice.. if u wanna show off your collection it would be better if you included the pics in the thread, no one likes clicking a bunch of photobucket links..
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    just another thing, I think froths were meant to have very low water levels, like right above the slits, and thats why the slits are so slow.

    It's suppose to froth the water, you know what I'm saying haha?

    ill find a video for you to show you what I mean

    can't find one,...guess I'm wrong lol

  6. Yeah I'm on my phone lol sorry and yeah I think the water level is right
  7. there, edited for people to lazy to click links haha
  8. cheech glass = no love.

  9. lol my cheech glass is the exact same as a toro micro froth except with a different name on it and not 100000000 dollars, but thanks for the imput bud ;)

  10. I agree. Cheech glass produces good scientific prod pieces. Not everyone buys a Mercedes, some like a Nissan.

  11. Lol thanks, and more like a Mercedes with a Honda logo on it lmao

  12. Well in all honesty, no. A mercedes is still a mercedes. The quality speaks for itself, not the looks of it. Your froth bub is dece as hell, but a Toro still would win....
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    Agreed I ment looks, and by comparing vids it seems to function the same, but there's no way a cheech is at all the same as a toro, I Just don't want to spend 500 on a piece of glass because at the end of the day when your sitting there with the broken remains that's all it is, a piece of glass.
  14. I would rather buy $500 worth of cheech than Toro IMO tho.

    I could prob get a rip off toro froth and mobius matrix and still have like $250 left lmao. while $500 will get you a single Froth and like $80 left over.

    I keep good care of my glass so A cheech would never brake on me
  15. Yeah in total the 2 cheechs were $260, and yeah I'm pretty careful to but sometimes shit just happens lol
  16. If you buy higher end glass for durability because you are afraid you might drop it then you shouldn't buy it at all. Don't buy a bong if you can't take care of it; cleaning, maintenance and handling with safety and caution. I buy a Toro for the perfection, not for the strength of glass. I don't drop any of my pieces, ever. I have Toros, a Mobius, and a few other very high end pieces and I am extremely interested in Cheech glass. There is nothing wrong with buying that Honda :) The prices are great.
  17. Yeah they seem pretty good so far and yeah I clean my glass everyday and an extremely careful with my glass, I want to get a sov king stemline because yes their products are flawless and pieces of art but untill then nothing wrong with cheech haha if I were to break glass I would be happier it was a 170 dollar cheech and not a 550 sov you know?
  18. EDIT: the other milk vid is up
  19. New milk is up
  20. Sick bongs I like the the two smaller ones the best.
    Nice milk vids too

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