Meet Smoke and Blaze :)

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  1. Recently I sold my legit mobile valet buisness and fleet id built from years of ill gotten gains for a very nice price. I did the usual things for early semi retirement, Bought a nice car, A nice house out right, kitted it out and myself... But from being out 18 hours a day driving around or sat in the office doing paperwork or some sort of earning to litterally nothing but food shopping as my highlight... I had to get some dogs to keep me occupied. So as you do, you phone someone who everyone handy needs to know, the "get you anything guy". I just said I'd like 1 male and 1 female big scary looking dogs. 15 mins later he rang me back and said he can get hold of 8 week old German Shepard pups or 6 week old pedigree with the papers Huskey pups. As you do, I got one of both.. Couldnt decide which would be more fun. As im into Mountain biking I got a Male Huskey, Who now at 13 weeks can already pull me up some the hills in macc forrest [​IMG] Then runs after me and catches up at the bottom. I also got a female German Shepard, She's 15 weeks now and is already the perfect gaurd dog for rooms not needed to be entered ;) When we have friends over, or... My fiances work colleages/friends/nosey bastards, She sits at the top of the stairs and directs people to the toilet and not to the room people always seem to asume is the toilet... If they go for the handle she barks and growells [​IMG] But yeah, One of the best decisions ive made... Even though Blaze (the german shepard) has turned out to be a right diva and Smoke(the huskey) is either arogant or has an attitude problem (and a serious terroritry marking issue) they are still well worth ALL of the shit they put us through [​IMG] Heres Blaze, The drama queen never stays still so we've never been able to get a decent picture of her yet.
    And This is Smoke, he's an arogant poser so I got a boss picture of him ;)

    Even reconised smoke as a "sick puppy" :cool:

    But yeah, Semi-Retirement and dogs is deffo the way forward :wave:
  2. Those are some beautiful dogs! Haha I love our Furry friends I couldn't live without mine
  3. Cute pups.
    Wait till their full grown and trying to get in your lap Or on the furniture.
  4. They're unbelievable. Smoke looks like a bad ass!! And blaze is just cute as fuck. Awesome dogs my friend. I'm hoping soon enough to adopt my own.

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  5. Love dogs. Yours are awesome!
  6. Yeah smoke thinks he's a serious badass now lol got such an "I am king" attitude in the house but on a walk blaze absolutely terrorises him lol ill post some new pics of them :)
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    It's mad that once upon a time they were like this!









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  8. Damn!! :smoking: they sure are growing :)
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    I'm right now playing FIFA13 and smoke is high as a morherfucker pass out lol :D

  10. Hell yeah! You in the front range by chance
  11. Smoke and Blaze guarding the glowing treasure

  12. cool pups man
  13. Damn those dogs are hella cute. The shepard is odd looking, not a typical looking one
  14. nice names lol

    i bet u can train them to find weed, they are smart dogs
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    Yeh that's the plan hahaha






    Chase me down here fatty lol




    Lol he did and failed, only got half way down while I got all the way down lol
  16. Cute pups man!

    Blaze reminds me of Jasmine, my friends German Shepherd. Beautiful and intelligent dog, and a ton of energy! They also have a huge black lab.. Hes kinda dumb though lol.

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